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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: oranfone.txt

Call free from public phones in Sweden

Message : 18 (Open)  9-09-91 10:03pm
From    : Zaphod/onc/tsc
To      : All 
Subject : Orange Fones....
Sig(s)  : 6 (Phreaking & Telecommunication)

How to make free fone-calls from Orange Pay-Phones in Sweden:
Another great G-file from Zaphod Beeblebrox/Omnichron/TSC.
Have u seen all those orange pay phones we have here in Sweden?? Perhaps
you remember the old trick with the DTMF dialer and the old Green
payphones. The ones which you just pressed the SOS button on and then
dialed your number with the DTMF dialer.... Well, the technique used on
the orange bastards is similar to the old one, you will need a DTMF dialer
here too!!! It goes like this. Go to an orange pay-fone. Pick up the fone,
and wait for dial-tone. When u get dialtone, press the button under the
handset 2-3 times so the dialtone disappears. When it does that, rapidly
dial 0013 on the fone, BEFORE the dialtone comes back!!! If all goes well,
you should get a dialtone after you've dialed 0013. You must hear all four
digits in the fone. Then you get your DTMF dialer and put it up against
the fone and dial the number of your choice. The only hitch with this
method is that it only works for about 5-10 minutes for international
calls and 40 minutes for long-distance calls within Sweden, but who cares,
all phreakin' is great phun.... I think that the fones in Sweden use a
similiar system to the one used on fortress-fones in Usa. That means, if
you figure out the tones used between the fone and the exchange, you can
simulate coins being inserted with tones instead, which is much easier,
and will last as long as you wich. This textfile was brought to ya by
Zaphod Beeblebrox/Omnichron/The Syndicate. I accept no responsibility for
the information contained in this file, it's entirely up to *YOU* what you
do with it. For more info, call any of our HQ BBS's.
        Eagles Nest BBS, +46 18 262804 300/1200/2400 Baud
        Slime City BBS,  +46 18 323304 2400/HST Baud
        Shire BBS,       +1-516-867-5654 2400/HST Baud
Greetings to all cool dudez out there - Zaphod Beeblebrox/ONC/TSC.

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