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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: oci.txt

Oncore Communications Exploit Type Thingy

Oncore Communtications Exploit type-thinggy.
By TelePhreak 
of The Phone Rangers
July 24,1998
Hi EVERYBODY!Well this exploit type thinggy, has to with Oncore Communtications(OCI). 
OCI is a long distance company based out in San Austin Texas. Everyone phreak loves 
OCI because they dont have ANI. Well they have somewhat of an ANI service, but 
its really busted. After one night social engineering them i figured out a couple 
interesting things about OCI. Here are thetricks i've learned:1. When you first 
call up OCI (1.800.288.2880 they try to be like att: 1.800.ATT.ATT0) you are greeted 
with a dialtone. At this dialtone you enter in their number. so you hit in
1.800.288.2880. Now the 1.80 stands for the area code of your number the 0.28 
stands forthe exchange of your number the 88.288 stands for the rest of your 
number and the 0 is thecommand for the operator, or help. Once you enter that in, 
you get greeted with, "O-C-I, please enter in the area code and number in which you 
like to call." this is when you enter in 512.516.XXXX. Ok, the 512 area code is the 
area code of san austin(or san antonio)the 516 exchange is an exchange near them, 
and the XXXX stands for any numbers you'd like to put in. Next it says press 11 to 
make a collect call and press 0 for a operator. Wellyou press zero, and get an operator.
 Now i'll tell you what apears on their screens.caller number: 180.028.8288  The 
number they want to call: 512.516.XXXXthats all you need to know. To have some fun, 
without them knowing your number, and to getdirectly through to an operator. 2. Now 
i always love social engineering and, making pranks. So i went and called up operators 
at OCI and pretended to be an OCI Tech. Now this is easier then you may think.Here are 
some hints. With this information and the above you can mostlikely conviceOCI that 
you are a tech, then you can get information. Or just make them feel stupid.When you 
call up always act like your in a rush, and just basically sound like its yourfirst 
day and its been a bad one, but be nice. Now when a real tech calls up, an ii number
shows up and flashs in the middle of the operators screen. So usually when i call them
up i usually say, "hi i am a Bob, The OCI tech, i need to know blah, blah blah. But 
before you tell me there should be a few problems. 1. My number should be 180.028.8288,
 and myii number shouldnt be showing up. My ii number is 27 (or another two digit 
number). isthat all correct?" they'll say yes, then there probably con-able, because 
they think thatif you know so much info about whats happening on their screen that 
you must be a tech. Ithelps even more if you find out if there were any crashes then 
you can tell them all thatstuff is due to the crash. With this info, i have gotten 
the operator believe that i was downstairs in the building. I've once flirted with 
the operator and got her bra size. so have alot of fun.....

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