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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: nortel1.txt

A quick message on the Nortel Millennium Payphone

From Wed Apr 01 22:52:47 1998
Newsgroups: alt.phreaking
Subject: Millenium Fones
From: (Tom Wither)
Date: 2 Apr 1998 05:52:47 GMT

I have been trying to mess around with these Millenium fortress phones
that have recently been popping up everywhere.  Someone told me that if
you leave the reciever on hook and dial 272-7378 then you will get a
message on the LCD.  This works.  It asks for a 5 digit PIN (I entered 5
random numbers), then it says to use the key to open the cash bin.  I
didn't have the key of course so I hit * and started again.  This time I
entered 12345 for the PIN and it told me to enter a 3 digit OP code.
Whatever that is... I entered a random 3 digit code then it asks for
another and another etc.  After about 9 OP codes it says that it can't
store anymore OP codes in memory and it started over.  As yet I don't know
what I'm doing but me and my buddies are working on it.  If anyone figures
this out please post back here.

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