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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: noconf.txt

Conference Calls without a conference phone


If you have 2 lines and don't have a 2 line phone, than this
is for you. If you don't, than this isn't.

All you need is: A test set or a beige box.

Now for the procedere: Hook the ring and tip up to their
proper terminals on line one. Call the first party, than
tell them to hang on. Disconect the tip from line 1 and
attach it to the tip terminal on line 2. You will hear a
dial tone and still be conected to the first party. You can
then dial out, and reach the second party. Wow, you now have
a conference call. The biggest advantage to this is, in
addition to making conference calls, you can (but not
always) fuck up the Telco's equipment by doing this. How, I
don't know.

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