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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: nobusts.txt

Sysops Guide to Not Getting Busted

        The Sysops Guide to Not Getting Busted

                By The Story Teller

                   Micro World Incoperated.

        Distributed by:  The Micro Master

        This file is dedicated to all you phreak/sysops out there who
        run those boards full of Longdistance codes, box plans, etc.

                Intro:  I purpose of this file is to explain to those
                sysops in fear of FEDs that they can safly run a board
                with the above mentioned info.on it.

                The Fear of the Sysop

        The number one fear of a sysop is having a FBI agent get access
        to the stuff on their board that could get them busted.  Today,
        the only thing you can really get busted for is the posting of
        long distance codes.  Therefor, all possible steps must be taken
        to avoid the access of this information.  (Steps will be
        explained latter)

        Due to this fear, Many sysops will NOT have these boards on
        their BBS.  I find it odd that this should be true, but, from
        info from a friend, any users are against having a phreak board
        because they fear losing a BBS to call and getting them selves
        busted (even though a good sysop would delete all user info. as
        soon as he though he was busted.).  I will explain the steps
        taken to stop being busted and perhaps it will bring
        understanding to those who blindly or misinformitly fear these

        The first, easyest, and most inportant step comes at validation.
        Voice validate the aplicant for access and ask these questions:
        #1:  Are you a programer for a company and/or do you sell
        software. #2:  Do you work for the government, have connections
        with it, and share info with it? #3:  Do you agree not to use
        any info. found on the board, or heard about the BBS against it?
        If you receive a no to the first two questions and a yes to the
        next then it is O.k. to validate them Any evasive answers should
        be pursued until a definate yes or no is given. Any untruthful
        answers void the right to use info in court due to illegal
        access to system laws.
        That is step one, if by some chance a FBI agent still gets in,
        you should still be safe if you use the next procedures.

        Give only people that have done the following access to the
        phreak board:

        Admited they are a phreak.
        Given codes.
        Admited that they will use codes for other than educational

        That together with the first security procedure and this one you
        should filter out 99.9% of all FBI attempting access.  And if
        you run a BBS for 1 years you be luck if even one FBI agent
        tries for access.

        The final protection is this, ever time someone accesses the
        board a message should be printed that goes something like this:

        Your useing of any info on this board in anyway, forfits the use
        of this info. angainst the system in anyway or else be subjected
        to presucution in a court of law.

        By having this printed each time a person accesses the phreak
        board no one can say they didn't know.

        Now your system is protected if you use those steps.

I hope to have help yoin your pusiut of phreaking.
        Any coments are well come.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------         Micro World Incorperated.
                                                New York, New York
        Note added by The Micro Master
                Micro World Inc. is located mainly in  Ill.  They file
                was just made by a meber in NY, NY

        Secound I'd like to say someth'n about his language.  Jeeze,
        It's hardly English!  Well, Storyteller can't help it, he's a


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