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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: no2600cf.txt

Conferencing without 2600

<\/>:                 Conferencing without a 2600 hz tone                 :<\/>
<\/>:       Written by  The Sultan            Thanx to  King Arthur       :<\/>
     There have been many text files written on Conferencing but all require 
either an internal CAT or a Blue Box-something that can emit a 2600 hz tone.
Here I will tell how to conferencing for those of us that, for one reason or 
another, don't have an internal CAT or a Blue Box. The only requirement is a
touch tone phone.
     First off you will have to dial up a PBX extender and enter a code. Some
examples are 1-800-638-2622 which uses a 7 digit code then a 2 digit code and
1-800-327-9136 which uses a 4 digit code. A non 800 PBX is 609-645-0547 using   5 digit codes. There are many more that you can find listed in various t-files. Try looking in the Hack Volumes by Grey Wolf. I would suggest dialing either
through 2 PBX's or dialing a MCI, Sprint, etc. dial-up then call the PBX to
lessen the chance of being caught.
     After you enter the code you will have to dial in one of the conference 
codes like 0-700-456-1000,-1001,-1002, etc. or -2000,-2001,-2002, etc. After
you dial this in you will here something like 'Welcome to Alliance Conferencing
in <some city>'. From here on you will get instructions but I will explain them
     You will have to enter a number between 2 and 59 for the amount of people
you want in your conference (including yourself). It's a good idea to enter a
generally higher number than you expect so that you can add more people if 
necessary. Then you will have to enter a '#' to continue. After this you can
begin to call the people you want in the conference. Just dial regular like
1-814-237-0216. When the person answers tell him about the conference then hit
a '#' to add him to the conference or hit a '*' if you want to hang up on the
person BEFORE you add him to the conference. After the person is added to the
conference you CAN'T hang him up. He must hang up himself. Then you are back
in command and you can dial the next person, etc. When you want to go to the
conference hit a '#' from command mode then wait about 5 seconds and you can
talk with everybody.
     While in the conference hit a '#' to get back into command mode. The other
members of the conference can talk while you are dialing up the other person.
Follow the same guidelines after dialing him up.
     To end the conference hit a '*' and hang up. Conference lines are closed
on weekends but if you want to conference through the operator dial 1-800-544-
6363. I hope this file helps some of you. Good Luck and don't get caught! 
<\/>:  Call  The Adventure's Tavern  BBS  714-538-3103  The best around!  :<\/> 

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