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New Toll Free Exchanges - 866 and 855

Toll-Free Numbers running out?

 New codes announced


 In what seems to be a two-year trend of late, the Alliance for
 Telecommunications Industry Solutions announced yesterday that a fourth
 nationwide toll-free code will be rolled out late next month.

 The newest code-866-will become available to consumers and business on
 July 29, followed by a fifth code-855-to be available on November 18, the
 alliance said.

 "What your seeing is the popularity of 800 numbers continuing to grow," said an
 ATIS spokesman. "[And] with the introduction of the Internet and access
 numbers and the expansion of the wireless industry, 800 numbers have become
 rather popular."

 The newest rollout of 800 codes was made to the Federal Communications
 Commission, on the recommendation of the SMS/800 Numbering Administration
 Committee (SNAC), a part of the Ordering and Billing Forum (OBF).

 Toll-free numbers are being used within the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico
 and the U.S. Virgin Islands, with the first 8 million 800 codes being introduced in
 1967 and lasting until 1996.

 The second toll-free code-888-was introduced in March 1996 and was
 exhausted within two years, creating the need to introduce the 877 code in April

 ATIS, an organization that defines standards and operating procedures for the
 industry, has taken on the role of standardizing the rollout of various nationwide
 codes including those for toll-free calls.

 "You need to have a centralized location for companies to resolve issues as
 competition continues to grow in the industry. We create [that] environment for
 industries to come together," said Bernhards.

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