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A Newbs Guide to Trashing

A Newbs Guide To Trashing
January 07, 2000
By Gizmo

Trashing can be done anywhere, usually you'll know if you
just want something on a company, of if you want phone info,
old computer stuff, etc.  Be sure to look for cameras or alarms
since most companies will call the poliece.

Please note that some information in this text is from PLA 
Issue 004.  It has been used as a template for its information 
and directory structure.  Some of the information however was 
unpracticle so it was left out and changes made on its section.  
Note that if you feel like compaireing both papers, you have 
mine, go get theirs.

***A List***
* Video Stores - 
                 Here you can get account information so that you
                  may rent movies, just play with people's mind,
                  fuck people over, or even dialup numbers.
* Thrift Stores -       
                 Here, if the company you dive at keeps records 
                  on paper or carbon,  you will get boxes of 
                  creditcard recipts every months or so, if your 
                  ballsy enough to dive for them, you get them, 
                  just watch your ass.
* Cellphone Dealers - 
                 Here you can get everything from old phones, 
                  to access information, these are one of my 
                  personal favorites.
* Phone Company - 
                 Here you can get everything from old phones, 
                  to access information, these are one of my 
                  personal favorites.
* Computer Shops - 
                 Here you can get everything from old parts,
                  to access information, software, electronics,
                  these are one of my personal favorites.
* Coffie Shops - 
                 Here, you can get free coffie grinds and used paper!
                  I'm joking of corse, you can here get anything
                  from company information to creditcards on carbon
                  or from paper transactions.

Many people will say "No company's use carbon for transactions anymore"
to this I would like to reply "BULLSHIT".  I live in Portland and Vegas
depending the time of the year, and i find company's left and right
which still use carbon, so dont bother telling me they don't.

First i would like to state that you will need some social engeneering
skills before you try this.  If you get caught your pretty SOL, this is
tresspassing so you can land some fines or even a night in jail :x, but
note that you can get this on your record if they decide to be dicks.

If a cop (pig) or security gaurd (rent a cop), sees you and asks "what 
are you doing?!?" just reply "i am looking for cans or recycleables" or 
"I droped my wallet in the can on accident".  If your area has homeless 
just state that you got thrown out of your house and your looking for food. 
If your asked for ID state that you don't have any on you.  What we like to 
do is crush 40-50 cans and throw them in a backpack so that you can backup 
your story on looking for cans.

If you're happily rummaging through a box of security or "Top Secret"
info, and for some dumb reason your trashing on garbage day and during
pickup time and the truck shows, your fucked.  Either you jump the fuck 
out with or without your new found riches, or you get thrown into the 
truck.  Please note that if your in the truck your going to be dead, 
and not found, there are tons of bodys in the dump, so your sol.  This 
has never happened to me, but its always a fear, hence why here i refuse 
to trash during the day (which is a good idea) as well as not on thursday.

If you land your ass in the back of the garbage truck, start screaming 
and throwing shit, you may get noticed if your lucky enough.  If you 
can't get noticed, look for something sturdy, place it inbetween you 
and the big crusher things in the truck and get in a little ball in 
the corner of the truck, you may somehow be able to survive.

Bring a friend and a couple of 2-way radios. Have the friend sit 
somewhere out of sight and if a cop or anyone comes near the dumpster, 
he can radio you to sit tight and shut up until their gone. 

It probably wouldn't be a good idea to go trashing in the middle of 
the day. For one thing, employees are constantly comming out to throw 
trash in the dumpster and that could get pretty messy for you. Also, 
you're more likely to be seen in the daytime. So stick to nights and 
you should do okay.

Phone companies usually lock their dumpsters. (Go figure) Sometimes 
it's merely a chain and lock over the top of the dumpster which does 
no good since you can just jump on the plastic lid and fall right into 
the dumpster.  (Getting out is another story.) If you get caught by 
the wrong cop, he can take you in and you could get charged with
trespassing so be careful and don't get caught. 

           "Sorry, sir, we were just trying to find some wire for our
            science fair project, but as there appears to be nothing 
            here but coffee grounds and cigarette ashes, we had better
            get going. Have a nice day!"            -Karl Marx

	   "I'm sorry, we were just looking for some can's and other
            recycleables sir, i'm sorry if theres a problem, but since
            I can't seem to find anything i'll be on my way, have a great
            day!"	- Gizmo A. Lay

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