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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: newblue2.txt

Wildman's Guide to Canning

                       Wildman's Updated Guide to:

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               A Genuine WildPhile (c) 23/06/93 21:45.52.21
                Updated: 25/07/93 11:48:12.56 Pre-Release!

                    By The WildMan: Master of the Lines

Greets to all you phreaks, death you all you pheds and narcs! Heh. As I
am remincing through some of my older Tfiles, I noticed we need some
updating to this file as experience allows me to do so. That and I'm bored
and another WildPhile mearly adds to fame and glory. (not!)

Well, the situation with blueboxes is that they're dead, you can still
have some phun with them, but in most areas you'd need a 100W speaker
playing the 2600 tune to get through. (amusing image forming in mind)
Calling cards are good from payphones, but are suicide from home, and
are increasingly more difficult to get. ANI is killing extenders, and
PBXes are getting more and more risky. (still great from a payfone)
What is a phreak to do?

Well, field hacking is the answer. You can get old notebooks and laptops
cheap now, or you can card one. (carding is also getting much more
difficult) There are readly availible spots to jack into the network,
free, lying all around waiting to be picked ripe from the vine. I am
*very* *very* dissapointed with the situation of hardware phreaking in
this country! Don't be a k0dEz kId!

Gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie? Well, OK. I'm sure you've noticed those
big green boxes lying around on telephone poles, mounted on a concrete
base, etc? Usually (but not always) with a Bell logo on them. (or 3M)
Those are cans, or remote service boxes, and are your best friend.

In some areas (still) you can access the lines through the underground
cable access boxes. These are anywhere from 3 feet to 5 feet high, and
anywheres from 6" to 12" wide. They are for use with older 1960-70's
switching exchages, and more often than not, they are dead. I still found
a tone on one in my area, by fucking with pairs of red and green wires.
_LOTS_ of dead lines in there, unfortunatly. How can you tell? Well, if
you see the other type (described above) it's highly likely these will be
dead. In areas with multiple exhanges, it's likely SOME of these will
be active. Another note: This type has REALLY shitty lines, horrible for
data communication, IMPOSSIBLE without an error-correcting modem. Good
for conferencing.

Keep in mind that in rural areas, you can be very well concealed with
no traffic or people to worry about. In cities this is much more difficult
to pull off, as you'll need a spotter to watch for cars and a tarp to
work under!

Now, what are you going to need to enjoy this serivce? Pretty much the same
gear as real AT&T/Bell Technicians use. Here's what to get:

A pair of mid-size vicegrips              One Portable Headset (see below)
A pair of needlenose pliers               A Portable Computer/Modem
One sturdy flathead scredriver            Phone Wire (see below)
One UniConnect Modular Jack (see below)   Roll of scotch & electrical tape
One digital multimeter (voltage)          One belt pack for above items
A Soldering Iron/Solder                   One AAA Mini-Maglite Flashlight
Alligator Clips (many)                    Gloves (Fingerprints, tsk)

Ok. First: The Phone Wire. Buy a roll to work with at first, but once you
break into the can (the pole or base-mounted large type) you'll find a spool
you can leech all the wire you want off of from. Connect Clips to the ends
for easy attaching.

A UniConnect Modular Jack. What the fuck? Simple. Go out and get yourself
a phone extention cord from Radio Shack. Chop the plug-in (female) end off.
Strip it until you have the red and green wires exposed. Attach and solder
to alligator clips. You can now connect this to any phone device, such as
your portable modem. Some fuckheads call this little modification a box:
And I laugh. Boxes are for phucking with the phone co, not adding a fucking
hold button to your phone.

A Portable Headset. This is what you will use to dial voice, run _HUGE_
alliances from, etc. Don't scrimp here: I reccommend a model with a lighted
keypad, tone/pulse selecting, flash/reset/redial buttons, a memory, and
a kill/hold button. A what? To make this, just find where the wire from
the jack. Clip it between the circuit board of the phone, and the jack
itself. Strip the 3 sets of wire (the ones you are adding, the ones from
the jack, and the ones from the circuit board). Attach ALL the RED wires
together, and all of the GREEN wires, so you have (2) connections. (All
the reds, and all the greens) solder this. Connect those two extra wires
you added to a SPST Temporary (Momentary) Switch, normally open. (Push
button). Get this at radio shack. Drill a hole in the case and poke the
switch through. Reconnect everything. When you plug the phone in, it will
operate normally. When you push that switch, and hold it in, the phone will
go dead, light off, etc, but your connection will REMAIN OPEN. (On hold)
If you want to get fancy, add the ABCD tones (mine has them) but I have
_YET_ to find something to do with them. If anyone has any information
on the Silver Box (ABCD) Tones, please leave me Email on the Cellar.
(1-401-PRI-VATE), or The Crypt (1-902-PRI-VATE). You get the idea.

A Portable Computer/Modem. Anything will do here. I myself use a Gateway
2000 Handbook with a 2400/9600 Pocket modem, soon to be going to a Hayes
Optima Portable. (14.4k) It should be light, rugged, and in a case where
you can throw (hide) it somewhere if arrested. :NOTE: If you are arrested,
all your gear is byebye, and that PC could be VALUABLE evidence. When you
hear "FREEZE", give the gestapo a suprise and smash it off some concrete.
HA. If you are running from techs, GET THAT BELT PACK OFF! It should have
a good connector thing so you can throw it in the bushes and come back
later. Someone arrested with this gear on will be in DEEP shit. Phone?
Cords? Modem? Pliers? Multimeter? Uh, out for a walk. BZZZT

Pliers/ViceGrips/Screwdriver. These are your tools to get into the can.
Use the vicegrips to defeat the stainless steel latches like are on most
cans, just turn the bolt in the direction of the arrow etched onto it.
Handy, no? It'll pop open.

If it is locked (always with Master Padlocks) saw the lock and go put
another identical one on. Of course, you will be the only one WITH such
a key. Heh. If you are a decent lockpick, do that, but can get tendious.
(And leave evidence of tampering)

The smaller, older style cans are opened by turning a bolt for a few turns
and then pulling open (like a door), pulling open (straight off) or sliding
up and off. (REAL old type)

Once you're in:

For the newer cans, you'll notice plastic rows with millions of wires
running into them. No biggie. On the back of the can, you'll see one or
two sets of bolts, usually with a 4 digit number below it. (# to that line)
These are the test lines and are to be used for dialing out. The prefix
will be whatever is local to the can. Connect the clips to here and
go FAR away (200 feet) closing the can, so you can phreak in quiet.
Be sure to check that you have the ring (red) and tip (green) wires on
and connected properly, or it won't work. Use this for standard LD calling

Customer lines can be accessed (bugged, heh) from the plastic, high tech
connectors. There will be a test instrument, ususally with a phone right
there for you to use! There are instructions printed on the side of the
can, with pictures of course. Flip the plastic connector open and slide it
in. The wires will lead to bolts on the side, connect your phone here
and determine if there is a valid line. Use these lines for 900's.

Sometimes it's useful to know the number you are calling from. (Carding,
Collect Calls made to you at a specified time, etc) Dial ANI at 711 for
the number, or 1-800-555-55555 (yep, 8 5's) IF these do not work, you'll
be stuck with the test line, which will have the number written below it.

logged, which is NO problem for LD BBS's, but voice calls will generate a
lot of heat. I just arrange for my LD Phriends to call the test line
collect at a specified time. (Account for different time zones!) And no,
the operator will not know it's a test line. Nice, huh? When calling from
a can, ALWAYS use _PULSE_ unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. (Alliance) Always
dial with pulse regardless and switch to tones when you need them. Tones
can be logged MUCH easier than pulse!

Avoiding other problems: After you use the can once, it's no longer a virgin.
Abuse the *hell* out of it from 11pm-6am (techs are out at 7am!) for the
first nite, and then put the tape on the can. If nothing happens in a week,
do it again. Techs do make regualar service calls, but if you notice a
entry to your can, be weary. Since you have lots of cord connected, here's
my plan: Just watch the box while you're leeching, if you see some techs
coming, give the wire a *hard* yank, and pull it away. When they get there,
they'll have NO idea where you are. (Running away at oluympic speed, of
course) Also, don't vandilize the can. It's worth over $20,000, bigger ones
a _LOT_ more. Blowing one up, for example, can knock 1000's of lines out
for days. No ideas here or anything. <grin>

If noticed, be sure to do SOMETHING with the cord, since it'll point RIGHT
to you. I make sure it runs through some awkward places, and let me assure
thee, the extra effort is WORTH IT!

Testing for valid lines: Hook the multimeter to the wires and look for a
voltage of about 50 VDC. (Varies between lines, around 50V though) Just
look for anying above 6VDC and try connecting the phone to that. If someone
calls the line while you're phucking with it, it'll go to 90V plus and
you could get one MOTHER of a shock. Unlikely, you say? It's happened to
me and is NOT a pleasant experience.

Some final advice: Dress all in black or in military fatigues (best) and
have a hankerchief you can pull over your face if need be. Wear a black
sweater or jacket you can rip off if you have to be more normal-looking in
a hurry.


What? Well, canning is _great_. With these skills you can have more phun!
Go to someone's house that is on vacation, or that you _hate_. Look for
where the wires enter their house. You will notice a small box there,
usually black, and usually SMALL. Unscrew and remove. You'll see (4) screws
with Red, Green, Yellow & Black wires. Connect to the red and green to
dial out or bug the line.

You may see a fone wire running down the side of the house, cut it, strip
it, connect the two reds and greens together again, and attach your own
little junction, and bug/dial away.

Payfones also give you a excellent location: See my file on payfone fun
for more information because I'm not typing another 100 lines.

I hope this has enlightened you, and will aid you in the quest to rip the
fucking phone company off. Keep Phreaking ALIVE! WRITE SOMETHING DOWN!
As always, I can be reached at the Cellar, or at the Crypt.

-- Wildman Out! 11:56:27.80 25/07/93

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