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New School Phreaking
New School Phreaking by Lucky225
UPDATE: There are a few clarifications I would like to make in regards to this article.
FEBRUARY 2001 AT&T Finally did it, they disconnected their 800-346-0152 ANAC, they have fixed their ANI forwarding now too. On February 11th, 2001 You could still Spoof ANI I, but ANI II would show "23-904" as your ANI. And today, February 12th, AT&T forwards both ANI I and ANI II as 615 986 9873.(ANI II "00" pair).[Please note that ANI spoofing problem has only been fixed on calls from the Verizon Long Distance 10-15-483 carrier, you can still spoof ANI if you dial through your local operator, also if you dial through 10-15-483-0 to 800 673 7286 you will be able to call numbers *NOT* on the AT&T network and the ANI will show either 904-000-0000 or 615-986-9873]
BELLSOUTH stopped billing to ANI(billing "direct") December 2000[I left it in here for historical purposes] Also if you abuse the "710" trick the person your calling might be getting a call from AT&T security. Also I forgot some people in my shout outs so I gotta say yo to Spoonm.
1. Bypassing CLASS Service with your local TSPS operator
2. Dialing 800 numbers that have payphone blocks from payphones and getting around payphone surcharges.
3. Spoofing ANI
4. The "710" trick
5. Callforwarding Service
6. 101XXXX operators
7. Review

1. Bypassing CLASS services:

f Your TSPS operator can be a very useful tool when making calls from your home. First of all she can bypass all CLASS services, that is if you dial through your local operator to make a local call, the called party will not be able to *69 call return your call, they will not be able to *57 Call Trace your call, and your caller ID will show up as "Out of Area" or "Unknown". If the party your tying to call has *77 Annonymous call reject on, a service that doesnt allow calls from people who dial *67 or have complete caller id blocking on their line and require you to dial *82 before you call them, you can simply place a call through your local operator and she will be glad to connect you to the party with your caller id unknown. When calling through the local operator it is always a good idea to tell her your visually impaired or having trouble dialing, otherwise you may be charged for the call.

2. Dialing 800 numbers that have payphone blocks from payphones and getting around payphone surcharges:

Many 800 numbers now have a payphone block, which means if you try to call the 800 number from a payphone you will get a message saying that this number does not accept calls from pay phones. Also many calling card companies will make a payphone surcharge on calls made from payphones, meaning if you make a calling card call from a payphone there may be a 2 minute deduction from the card or $2 deduction from the card, whatever the case may be. These services are possible due to the new ANI II id's. ANI II transmits a 2 digit number pair before your phone number that identifies the type of phone you are calling from. For example if you made a call from home your ANI II pair would be '00'. If you made a call from a payphone it would be "27", "70", or "07" depending on the type of payphone(ACTS, COCOT, or COCOT with billing restrictions). For a complete listing of ANI II pairs go to Anyways to call an 800 number that has a payphone block from a payphone or to bypass payphone surcharges you simply have the local TSPS operator dial your call and your ANI II digits will show up as 23 and the 800 number will not recognize the call as being placed from a payphone.

3. Spoofing ANI:

Your local TSPS operator probably doesn't forward ANI unless they're equipped with ANI II equipment that can forward your ANI. To find out if your operator can pass ANI to 800 #s have her dial 800-346-0152. If it says your phone number your out of luck, if it says a 3 digit number(this is the areacode where the operator building is located) followed by 000-0000, your operator cant pass ANI. If your local operator cant pass ANI this is good because you can have her dial any 800 number and they wont know where your calling from.
1-800-OPERATOR (1-800-673-7286)
The number 1-800-673-7286 will connect you to an AT&T operator. They can place collect, calling card, third number, person-to-person, and credit card calls. On to the fun part, if your local TSPS operator doesnt pass ANI on to 800 numbers, have her dial 800-673-7286. You will get "AT&T may I have the number you're calling from please?." You can give her any phone number you want and they'll put that down as where your calling from. She will then ask the number you want to call, this can be any 800 number on the AT&T network. When she dials the 800 number your ANI will show up as the number you gave her when she asked where you were calling from.
(Sometimes AT&T operators dont want to divert you to 800 numbers, try saying you're visually impaired or ask for their supervisor)
TTY Relay calls:
Spoof your ANI to 800 855 2880 and set your modem to ATD. The carrier will connect and the operator will ask what number you would like to call. You can call any number you wish with the relay service and it will be billed to the ANI you spoofed.
Spoof your ANI to 800 BELLSOUTH(800 235 5768) and tell the operator you'd like to make a call and bill it direct to the number you're calling from(if you get an automated 800 BELLSOUTH greeting press 0 for an operator) The bill will go to the ANI you spoofed. Click here for an example of spoofing ANI to bellsouth.
800 Dial in Conferences:
If you're ever on IRC and someone invites you to an AT&T 800 Conference, you can spoof your ANI to the 800 number for the conference. The reason for this is the person who is being billed for the AT&T conference gets a list of all the participants phone numbers who call in, it shows up right on their phone bill, so if you spoof your ANI you wont be caught.
800 TACO BELL and 800 SOS TACO:
Both these numbers are provided by AT&T and are always fun to prank when spoofing your ANI. Sometimes the 800 TACO BELL operators try and be slick and read off "your phone number" (the number you spoofed) back to you and say they are going to report you're number if you ever prank them again.

4. 710 Trick

More fun with AT&T is the '710 trick'. Op divert to 800-673-7286 and tell her you're calling from any number in the 710 areacode and want to bill the call collect. The party you're calling wont be billed for the call because 710 is a government areacode and is not listed in AT&T's database so there are no rates for the collect call. It wont show up on the called party's bill or anything.

5. Callforwarding services: offers a service that allows you to set up a call forwarding number in England. You simply dial the number in England and it forwards to almost any number in the world you want. This is good for not getting caught, if you have been exploiting bellsouth, the people you're calling will probably get a lot of calls from bellsouth or customers wanting to know why the caller's number is on the bill. If you take advantage of you can op divert and spoof your ANI over to 800 bellsouth, then call the number in England that forwards back to the person you're calling. So then when the customer gets his bill he will not be willing to call England to find out who it is, and if he is you can just shut off the forwarding number at any time.

6. 101XXXX operators:

If your local operator wont dial 800 numbers for you or if she passes your ANI to 800 numbers, don't despair there is still hope! 101XXXX Carriers often have their own operators that you can reach by dialing the exchange code and then pressing 0 (i.e. if you were going to use AT&T 10-10-288, you could dial 10-10-288-0 for an AT&T operator however AT&T passes your ANI) Here are some useful 101XXX operators for your convenience(they are free to call, no charge will apear on your phone bill):
10-15-483-0 Verizon Long Distance (can only be reached from MidWest U.S.) Forwards ANI as 609-000-000
10-16-963-0 Verizon Long Distance (can only be reached from Eastern U.S.) Unsure what ANI is forwarded, haven't tested
10-10-444-0 Global Crossing (Forwards ANI as 716-955-9999) I use this one to call uReach voicemails when someone's trying to get my ANI.

7. Review:

Let's review what we've learned, you've learned how to bypass CLASS services when placing local calls, how to call 800 numbers from payphones that have payphone blocks and how to prevent payphone surcharges, how to op divert to AT&T and spoof your ANI to any AT&T 800 number you want. You've learned how to abuse services such as TTY Relay operators and 800 BELL SOUTH to make free calls. You've learned that when abusing services such as 800 BELL SOUTH, or when using PBX's.. Calling Cards, ANYTHING FRAUDULENT, that you should set up a call forwarding number with services such as YAC so that if the fraud is investigated they will not be able to trace anything back to you and they will not be able to trace anything to the called party, which prevents the called party from giving out your information. You've learned that spoofing ANI is good for pranking or whenever participating in fraudulent OR legit conferences, because even if it is legit the billed party will see your ANI on their phone bill, and that would not be good if you dont want them having your number.
Spoofing ANI as 313-373-1337
having 10-10-444-0 op dial ANAC to show ANI is spoofed as 716-955-9999

Lumikant, Liquid_Illusion, Optx :P, PhluX, Gizmo, cupcake, southie, dark_fairytale, bigb9000, pooly, lucid, #phreaks and #ph33r on, guysjs, and last but most certainly not least, my loved one, Yari.
I'm not promoting phone fraud this is all for learning and educational purposes, maybe Bell will finally get their act together because this problem is not new, and it can be fixed. Even TSPS operator buildings that can pass ANI II sometimes have back door numbers that will get you a local operator with an ANI-F(ANI FAIL) and the local op will have to ask you for your phone number and any number you give your local op will show up as the ANI when they place a call to an 800 number. I hope this article will make the phone companies more aware of their problems especially companies like BELLSOUTH who bill to ANI that came in over an 800 number, they need to really fix that.
Happy Phreaking!

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