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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: napvol3.htm

New Age Phreaking #3
The New Age Phreak Vol #3



#1) Secrets of The Telephone Network Interface (short)

#2) How To Enter into A PacificBell Manhole, Properly. (A Real Life Adventure)

#3) Raiding (how to know what to look 4)

#4) *Thank Youz*

Disclaimer: Do To the Excessive Violence and Sexual content Viewers under the age of 3 years old must be supervized by an adult.

Much of this information is illegal and ALL of it is Felony to practise.I take absolutely NO Responsibility for your actions. All the data in this Tex.Doc is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

******thank your for your cooperation******


#1) Secrets of the Telephone Network Interface (short)

Ok,where there is a series of telephones there will be a telefone network interface. A Sorry attempt to keep all the wires in order. Depending on the size of the interface, you should see pairs of ring and tip all over the place(depending on who did it)...dont panic at the mess, look at the |red|green| or |red|black| wires. Thats what u want. Just as i tried to explain in Vol.#1,"#4) The Basics of ring|tip" From The_NewAge_Phreak Vol #1.

ok,ok start over...heh. What you will need to use a Telefone Network Interface, ahem, A beige box...yup thats IT. Not even a Brain.

A telefone network interface may be as big as 4feet wide by 3feet tall or as small as 5inches by 5inches. It may be mounted on an outside/inside wall or posted on the buildings "lawn". With large buildings, the TNI is usually inside. Although, Small homes DO have TNI, they are never inside. They are usually on the side of the home that the telephone pole wires come in to. If the wires are underground then your out of luck. To solve this problem, just look around the whole house. The TNI should be mounted on the outside wall. About 3 feet high.

Now, some TNI have certain "clips" that are a pain to figure out in the dark. But it is possible. heh. Other TNIs have snap open covers, these are usually for small houses ,and others have annoying padlocks. To solve this problem walk around and find a BIG ROCK. Then look around (to see if anyone is watching you), if there is some1, take the rock and throw it at em' a hard as you can. Then ,quickly find another rock or retrieve the previous one, and use it to open the TNI. Now, you have the TNI open. Hmmm, most of the telefone network interfaces are assembled with haste, thus they are not organized. Sometimes the phone #s have been written on the pairs of ring|tip, sometimes not. If the #s are not written down, call ANI. (Automatic Number Identification)

If you dont know the ANI for your area, Im sorry. I will copy some ANI #s for certain areas. I dont know of anyway to get an ANI # other thansocial engineering your way past some MA Bell offices. other #s to use while in a TNI are "ring back" and "ANAC". Ok, im not going to explain HOW to hook up ring|tip because I have already---"The_NewAge_Phreak vol.#1 The Basics of Ring|Tip" And this was supposed to be short?

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#2) How to enter a PacificBell Manhole Properly (A real life adventure)

Pacific Bell often stores splitters underground. In the movie "Sneakers" there is a fone phreak, called "mother" and in this movie he enters a 9X Manhole. The reason he did this is to listen in on a certain phone line. Now, I personally have entered a manhole, but it seemed to be flooded (there had been alot of rain l8ly). Although I am unable to describe to you the splitters(because they were taken out *RAIN*) I waz able to walk around. Dont go alone! It Gets Freaky! Yeah I waz scared, what? heh.

The 1st thing you got to do:

Read The book "Reliquary" sequel to "Relic" (not a tech book)

Now, Go around your area and look for a large manhole. (find 1)

Sneak out of your house. and have w/ you these things


2)crowbar (or nething you can lift a 50lbs lid w/)



5)beige box (or neother box you might use on a greenbase,splitter, Can, TNI)

6)two or three pennies

Get to the manhole and open it (I had lots of trouble w/ this). A linemans leather 1)gloves will help, and a 2)crowbar. Now dont get all spooky on your lookout and do something stupid like not go in. Take the 3)flashlight. Now your wondering why I told you to bring 6)2pennys. The manhole I got into was flooded...I know it was not badly flooded as the other 5 manholes I found. Why? Besause I had 2pennys on me! I dropped 1 penny in the little hole on the outer edge. *SpLoOsh* Then to make sure I did it again. *SpLoOsh* Then I knew.

*if you have troble finding a manhole here are a few clues*


Look beside some streets. Thats what I did. I waz looking everywhere, when one day I found 1! And right next to that one, about 15 feet down was another, and another and another. Like 5 or 6 of em'. So that night I snuck out.

*ok now you know how to find one*

Well, even thou the manhole I went in to waz flooded a lil, I still got a good idea what it looked like. The linemen had cleared out anything of value. But I was able to get a good look around. All the tunnels are "linked" together, well not ALL or em'. They are linked by small holes that wires follow through. The holes are sealed with somekind of wax (to prevent flooding all the tunnels). Now your on your own. Start Phreaking. 5)Beigebox or neBox.

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#3) Raiding (how to know what to look for)

It Gets serious here...completely serious. There are real consequences for these actions. I have had no part in what i am going to be explaining. I have been educated by few friends. There experiences add to the knowledge of others, and that is what we are all about. Not just tex4ever or warezbbs but ALL hackers and phreaks.

 ****Keep it Free****

There are rules to be followed...and ethics to up hold. We all at one time create a name for hackers and phreaks every where. Whether it is a good stereotype or a false one, its up to you and what you do. Dont give me this crap "Ok, Ive heard this b4 can we get to it?". You will not like what you have become if you do not follow the rules and ethics.

This I promise to you....

1st Rule: You have never done anything illegal in your life.Thats what you tell all the ppl that ask.And thats what you tell your self.

2nd Rule: Tell no one of what you do. Noone unless you trust them with your life.

3rd Rule: Hurt no one in your actions. Dont be overcome with greed. Take only what is useful.

4th Rule: Prepare for everything. Plan everything. Know what you dealing with.

5th Rule: Be paranoid! For get that "one out of three hackers is a fed" Remember "3 out of 3 hackers is a fed". Then you will be safe.

6th Rule: Never commit the action a 2nd time....never.

7th Rule: Never expect any one to catch you when you fall. Have a plan WHEN you get caught.

8th Rule: Have fun. Get psyched. And go all the way. Because if you dont it will be your demise.

9th Rule: When you start to believe that you crazy bacause you think every Dark van contains some federal authority figure.... ....Believe your self.

This is not a "How TO raid Pacific Bell" this is "What to look for when raiding Pacific Bell". So I will not discuss the security matter(in this Txt.Doc). And yes I do intend to produce more Txt.Docs. We will be discussing what to look for and where to look for them. Again, I have never done this...heh, I waz informed bye Three good friends and I give all credit to them. I will also include them in my *Thank Youz*


TrashMan: A fellow fone phreak.


TheMexican/Mex: The Anircist.

DataFlow: Another fone phreak.

All 3 are good at what they do. I wouldn't of come as far as I did if they werent there w/ me in RL.


Ok,There a few parts to basic Pacific Bell Veachicals. The terms that I am going to use are not the correct ones.


SpoolHolder: The bigass truck w/ the spool of trunk wire on the back.

CraneTruck : The other bigass truck w/ a crane on the back.

MiniTruck : A smaller truck used for small repairs(usually not splitters)

Van : A goodie for the raider but really hard to open w/o breaking nething.

FlatTruck : Normal Truck w/ a flatbed.(dont bother w/ em')

Car : Normal car.(dont bother w/ em')


Then there are the workers personal vehicles. Dont bother them. No reason to. now for the phun stuff.

I will try to create an asciis of the CraneTruck.............


All the Good Yummies are Xs and all the Semi Yummies are xs.This ascii was done of course w/o the crane.

Also I was looking Around and I found the key to the truck in a "gauge box". IT is shown,

| key>x |.

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Werd out 2...


 others:crypt1,GothiC9,Miyet, Liver,papu,Fluxfreak, Phaze,Pheisar, Natasha, SteelWolf, Dev|vil,KYaT, Searcher,Ikkyo, another,coredata,genius and ne1 else i missed....


Note:This Txt.Doc has been made for Although, I,Gothic9, made it, I seek absolutely no credit. I did not discover this phreaking data by my self, I had help from other Txt.Docs like this 1.remember...



************K E E P**************

**************I T****************

************F R E E**************



NeQs, or maybe just some h8 mail? IRC,Ef-Net

#hacking,#hackerfreak,#warezbbs ,

#natasha, #walmart, ect, ect.....


 Gothic9...thx natasha & ikkyo.


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