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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: mdwrkm.txt

British Telecom Work Manager System

         British Telecom Work Manager System (W.M.S)
                         iNFERNO 1995

 The Work Manager System is used in the main by B.T engineers who may do
many jobs in one day without having to visit the exchange much. A special
field terminal called HUSKY is used which is basically a portable computer
coupled with a modem. Data couplers are used which can be used in
conjunction with a mobile phone, but I don't think they employ this on
grounds of a crap connection. One use of the acoutic coupler, and I think
the main one is with payphones.

 To use W.M.S, the B.T employee puts up Husky and from there it is all
configured and should dump him into a terminal program.. the terminal
program uses the modem to dial out onto W.M.S and log him onto the system.
From here, he can pull his jobs for the day and send infomation about a job
carried out. The infomation pulled all comes from The Customer Services &
Systems (CSS), it acts around three basic components :-

 Field Terminal -> Field Access Interface System -> Work Manger-> CSS 

 However, (unfortunatly) there is no DIRECT link to CSS and only the JOB
infomation can be pulled. This is an overall view of the W.M.S system

CSS Local Lines | 
Structured Access <- - Order and Fault Entry - -> Appointment Module 
DP Type | Auto input QUs 
Job Management 
Job Recording | 
| Job File Activity Progress 
| | | 
| | -> PrintOut -----> CSS 
| Pool of Work / 
| | / 
| Resource Roster<-->Allocation System ---> Resource managmentTeam 
l Algorithems 
\--------------> Real Time Tour Build 
| | 
| | 
Field Access interface System ---> Field Terminal Support 
Field Terminal 

 The number for W.M.S is an 0800, however, i know a number for it that is
not freephone, yet it does not respond (a standard one carridge return
after connection should suffice) so I think it will only accept calls that
have been rerouted (perhaps) from the 0800.

 Inferno `95.. 

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