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Intruder Detection Systems at BSUP1 exchanges

         Intruder Detection Systems at BSUP1 exchanges
         BRiTiSH TELECOM guidelines to the Electronic Access Control
         and Intruder Detection Systems at BSUP1 exchanges

         typ3d by |NFERNO

British Tele$cum, being the tight bastards they are have found it
`impracticle' to issue building keys to all they employees who regularly
move around the B.T estate. Therefore, for the future, they aim to fit the
majority of operational buildings with Electronic Access Control and
Intruder Detection Systems, which will detect & deter `unwanted' visitors.

The installation of these electronic security systems will be across the
whole of the BT operational estate and the access arrangements will be made
standard with the rest of the national procedures.

Using this system, BeeTee employees can gain access to buildings using the
minimum number of personal `EAC' tokens (which should replace keys). As the
system expands, one EAC token will be enough to give selective access to
all the buildings within an estate.

Swipe-Card readers are used to read the EAC tokens, they are used at the
main entry point of the building and all secure internal areas. If a
correct card is used on the reader then a green light should show and the
door will be unbolted for a few seconds. If the door is not opened within
this time period then it will re-bolt and the card will have to be swiped
again. If an incorrect card is used then a red light will show;it could be
that the owner of the card is not authorized for entry on that day ot that
time of night

Once in the exchange, the Intruder Detection System will sound and the
person inside will have to enter the `Site identification number' into the
panel (generally known as the Zone Management Panel). Once this procedure
has been passed enterance will be allowed into the building. Upon failure
under circumstances, the police are called.

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