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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: lineboxs.txt

BT Lineboxes

BT Lineboxes

This text is ESSENTIAL knowledge that every British Phreak should know.  
It is very useful to know how to wire a Linebox and it is also essential
that you should abuse that fact :o) 

Everyone knows what a Linebox looks like (its the white box connected
to the inside of your house which you insert your moudlar fone jack).
But it amazes me how many people do NOT actually know how to wire
these things up.

I would recommend following the Instructions I am going to state below
by either getting a spare Linebox (often found trashing) or taking your 
own Linebox apart by undoing the screws.

You must remember that a Linebox is the box attached to the inside of your 
house which your main line runs out of.  Fone extension boxes for other 
fones in your house are wired different and will be ignored in this paper 
as the Main Linebox is the important thing.

Ok, so let me start with the typical modern day linebox model (NTE5) and 
an explanation of how to wire it.

NTE5 Model Linebox

This is the bog-standard BT regulation Linebox which is used in houses for the
main line to stem from.  The wireing is an important thing to know if you are
ever going to play with these little things because this is what makes the line
active (dah!).  

I                 I   <--- This bit is fixed
I                 I        and won't be 
I.................I   <--- removed by screws
I                 I 
I  *   +++++   *  I   <--- This is the section
I      +++++      I        which will be removed 
I                 I   <--- when unscrewed
* = screw

+++++ = Put your modular
+++++ = Jack in here!#@!

To open the Linebox just unscrew the screws on the front panel and take a look
inside.  You will see 6 wires going into 6 different slots, which are called
Terminals.  These wires must be correctly inserted into the right terminal for
your fone to function properly.  To play with the wires in this type of Linebox
it is 90% necessary to have the correct wiring tool.  These can be purchased from 
DIY stores or you might be lucky and find one while trashing your local BT Telephone 

You will see that each of the wires has a different color code.  These color codes
respond to the terminal in which they are to be inserted.  There are SIX terminals
inside your Linebox and you therefore need to know which wire goes into which 

NOTE :- *The below connection instructions are for NTE5 'Primary Line' Lineboxes!#@!

GREEN wire with WHITE rings 		- Terminal 1
BLUE wire with WHITE rings		- Terminal 2
ORANGE wire with WHITE rings		- Terminal 3
WHITE wire with ORANGE rings		- Terminal 4
WHITE wire with BLUE rings		- Terminal 5
WHITE wire with GREEN rings		- Terminal 6

If you have any wires left over you should just leave them out, for the above wires
are all you need to connect in order to have a working NTE5 Linebox.

As far as I know, this model of Linebox is used all over the UK and has been since 
I can remember, and until the fone system drastically changes this model of linebox 
will be what we use and look at daily...  

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