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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: kmart.txt

Hacking K-Mart's Phone System

Hacking your local k-mart's phone systems 
By: ic0n	
For: 31337 Phreaking

Well first off this phile took about a month to write do to the fact that i had to find
all of this info myself i don't work at k-mart nor know anyone that works there

Ok, this info might not work at your local k-mart but hell try it anyways

To dial the load speaker dial 26 from any of the phones inside the store besides payfones (duh)

To dial a register dial 2 plus the register number 

i'm not 100% sure on this one but i think the 3xx are cordless phones for the store on managers
and important people 

8xx and 9xx are outside lines for when people call in and ask questions and stuff

i'm not sure on the department numbers but they should be loacated on the phones (this also
might be my local k-mart)
ext. 420 at my k-mart is the bakery 

Also i'm not sure on how to dial out i tryed all the defults like 9 and shit like that so if someone 
knows what it is let me know and i will add it to this phile and i will give you credit for it well i guess 
that's it for this phile for now 

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