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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: killingf.txt

Killing Phone Lines (a lame SE)

                           KILLING PHONE LINES

yet anther by,Z Mɥ

This is one of the best thangs i ever figerd out and it is easy as 1,2,3
I write this for educational use only!!
If  you fuck up and get busted it is not my ass it is yours.
here we go you phone addicts,

$tep 1.

Go to a COCOTs (Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone.)
now dial up a pbx (Private Branch Exchange)
all you got to do now is dial up the phone company.

Step 2.

call the operator and tell him/her you would like to cancel your acount with the service
here is how it will probley go

(operator)  (phone companyname and his/her name) how may I help you?
(you)          I would like to cancle my acount with your service.
(oparator)  What is your name sir/madom and your area code-prefix-number?
(you)          Blah blah (the lamers name that is listed in the phone book)
(oparator)  Mr.blah/Ms.blah we need your acount and access number to go any farther.
(you)          What is what?
(oparator)  It is the digits on top of your last phone bill.
(you)          See that is why I want to cancle my acount reson being I all never get the bill or
any thang of that type and at&t/sprint/mci has a lot better deal then you guys have.
(oparator)  Sorry Mr.blah/Ms.blah I can't cancle your phone line with out the acount and
access number.
(you)          Well it is not my falt that I don't ever get the bill from your company
and it is not your.
(oparator)  I am sorry you feel this way here is what you can do come in to our office on(blah)
(you)          Look I am not like other pepole I can't get out of the house I got this disorder and
I can't have any one to go there just cancle the number please this will save us both time.
(oparator)  Please hold Mr.blah/Ms.blah
(you)          ok
(oparator)   Your phone number has now be cancled thank you for useing our service.
(you)           Yea ok bye
           C L I C K =) 

Step 3.

Hang the phone up and get the fuck out of the area.
If on feet and you see the five 0 don't fucking freak out.
Same if you are driveing.All pigs are dumb soo chill.

                                                    HAVE FUN PHONE LOSERS
by, Z Mɥ

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