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The Intecom IBX (Integrated Business Exchange)

Every once in a while I like to cut through all the crap in this
newsgroup and post something useful.  I don't really read it that much,
but when I do, I invariably see shit like:  "Y00 ar3 L3m#", etc.  I don't
understand why you people can't just talk about computers, phone systems,
etc. In attempt to post useful info, and maybe get a thread started about
something interesting, rather than try to prove how cool I am, here is
some info on phone switch which is very popular on college campuses and
larger businesses.  Enjoy, and if you have any questions, please post
them here.  If you have any information about the switch or don't like to
post here, feel free to e-mail me.

The Intecom IBX (Integrated Business eXchange)

The Intecom IBX, is a fully digital, redundant and distributed phone
switch.  It can handle voice as well as data and has the capability to
use regular analog lines and pots phones and also proprietary digital
phones made specifically for the IBX.  It is redundant in that it has two
CPUs, one active and one in stand-by, in case one CPU should fail.  If
one CPU should fail it can switch to the other without any loss of phone
service.  The phone switch is distributed in that it has no one
centralized local from which all lines are run.  It has many remote
switch stations which act much like a 5ESS/5RS pair.  The IBX can handle
at least 10,000 lines (I know this because Temple Universtiy, which is
the school I attend, has an entire exchange which it services) and can
also handle a large data switch network concurrently.

Here are some inteesting test numbers for the Intecom IBX.  These will
obviously only work on phones that are connected to an IBX switch and are
pretty much standard.  They have been tested at more than a few places
that have IBXs.  The ANI number reads back the extension which that phone
exists on on that system.  It will NOT read back a complete telephone
number or outgoing trunk number.  If you do not understand how DID
(Direct Inward Dial) works, I suggest you read up.

#*5   Different four digit number every time
#*110 "Three, Eight"
#*111 "Zero"
#*112 Ringback
#*113 ANI
#*114 Port #
#*115 Reorder
#*116 "One"
#*117 Nothing
#*118 Reorder
#*119 "#, # Beep Beep # Beep Beep #, #"
#*200 Nothing
#*201 Dialtone
#*202 High pitch Dialtone
#*203 Long Beep
#*204 Loud Tone
#*205 Busy
#*206 Reorder
#*207 Ringing
#*208 Ring with Beep
#*209 Short Beep
#*210 Double Short Beep
#*211 Single Ring
#*212 Quick Double Ring
#*213 Medium Length Beep
#*214 "Held, Held"
#*215 "Enter, Enter, Enter"
#*216 "Private, Private"
#*217 "Forward, Forward"
#*218 "Message, Message"
#*219 "Voice Message, Voice Message"

Well, there you have it.  Some interesting info from:
Chuck "Buy me some time and I can kill them" Taylor


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