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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: gtmcp.txt

The Guide to Mostly Chirpy Phreaking 1/3

         #%# The Guide to Mostly Chirpy Phreaking - Part One.   #%#
         #%# Written By: Cuebiz (Black Sheep Crew)              #%#
         #%# On August 20th, 2000 - Revised Febuary 2nd, 2001   #%#

                            - Introduction -
After MANY hours of pondering, I've finally come up with a simple way to 
hop on the 'Carol Meinel Bashing train' and show her that I can type up
half assed, non-thought-out files better than she can, who0 h0o! This file
was originally written roughly about 6 months ago, and since then, I've
dumped the MS-Word .doc, and redid this baby with VIM (some of it was done
in PICO, but, does it matter?). Okay, First off, DONT think that this is
the BEST beginners guide to phreaking in the world, because, well, its not.
I originally had this up on Key Pulse (, but after I
took Key Pulse down, it kinda found its way around IRC, this update was made
because of all the emails (about 10) asking for it and stuff. I ditched the
word doc and just kinda made it look a little better in .txt format. So, dont
bitch because you cant use MSWORD.EXE anymore, okay?. Before I pretty much
retyped this file, I mentioned that you should join NewsGroups to find out
more things about the phreaking scene, and I still stick by that. Get out
there and meet phreaker friends, setup a webpage somewhere, kick it on IRC
and make friends that way, go to cons whenever you get the chance, just
GET OUT! You can only learn so much from t-files and the rest is hands on 
experience, so, after reading this file, try something, ANYTHING, REALLY!

                         -Table of Content -

Chapter One :
I - The essence of phones
II - The Phreakers 10 Commandments
III - Multi-Frequency Tones
IV - Box List And their functions (And if they work or not)
V - Phreaker Box Review - Putting the myths to rest
VI - Construction of a Beige-Box
VII - Construction of a Red-Box
VIII - Beige-Boxing
VIV - Red-Boxing and Payphone Mechanics
X - Red, Green, Black, Yellow? - Basic Wire Colors explained

Chapter Two :
I - Manual War-Dialing and Automatic War-Dialing
II - Text Telephones (TTYís)
III - Construcion a ghetto Blue-Box
IV - Blue-Boxing for total newbies
V - Voice-Mail Hacking
VI - PBXís and Extenders
VII - Brief understanding of  Switching
VIII - Brief understanding of signalling

Chapter Three :
I - Conferencing and Voice BBSís
II - Prank Calling
III - Brief understanding of Cel-Phones
IV - Brief understanding of  Pagers
V - A brief understanding of everything else.
VI - Vocabulary
VII - Cool people, Webpages, And recommended reading
VIII - Shout-Outs and Contact Information

Chapter One - starting with the basics

                       - The Essence of Phreaking -
What is phreaking? Phreaking, The roots of the modern computer hacker. What
is a hacker without a little phone phreaking? Phreaking goes back to the
early 60ís, I really canít say a year exactly  because, Well, I really dont
know. The word phreaking as you may know already is a mixture of two words,
The word freak and the word phone. Why? Well, Some like to think that the
word came about because it really freakíd out Ma-Bell when they found out
their flaws have been exposed and well, You know where they got the phone
part. . . You CANNOT phreak without a phone! Bernay , Joe Engressia and
Captain Crunch are the earliest phreaks that I can think of, Though Iam
positive there were an earlier generation that was proclaimed underground
and had no exposure to the press like these three did. In 1971 Ron Rosenbaum,
With Esquire magazine would print out an issue entitled Secrets Of The Little
Blue Box which would later become a phreakers collectors item. You may read
it by going to the Official GTMCP homepage.

   Sometime around 1954, Bell improved its rather lame switching systems to
run on MFís better known as Multi-Frequency tones. MFís are tones sent through
the line to be enterperated so your call can be placed. What Ma-Bell didnít
tell people for many obvious reasons is that there were some secret MFís that
noone except Bell-Labs were supposed to know about. In 1960 this would would
all go crumbling down for Bell when Bell made an earth-shattering mistake by
publishing these MFís in a phone-tech. magazine. The rise of phreaking and a
new gadget that was named by Ma-Bell, A BlueBox, An ugly sucker that was named
that because of its cute little blue chassis that held this big olí machine
up and kept it mobile (Yeah, Right.). In 1961, Just one year after Bell gave
away their secrets, Bell would start investigating a public payphone at some
college that has been  having a large amount of  WATS or 1-800 numbers being
called with calls lasting over an hour, That would sound wierd, Huh? A two
hour call to the directory assistance operator. This is what started it all,
Soon after this bad-boy was wired up, Many other boxes would come about that
had one purpose in general, To mess with the phone company. This is the
essence of Phreaking. . .

Corrections: I obviously was drunk when I wrote this part. Okay, this is the
low down. Bell's switching, I'd be more 'politically correct' if I used the
word 'signalling' instead of switching. Starting all over again, MaBell's shit
wasn't controlled by 'MF tones' but rather, analog signalling was based on it.
The average human only can hear a certain amount of decibles (duh), which is
why we can't hear dog whistles (well, the majority of us anyways) when they
are blown, but dogs can. Back on the subject, analog signalling went something
like this, you make a call to your friend and start talking, what has happened
was this, it (your voice) was converted into electrical impulses, sent, and then 
reconverted on the other end. You see, it wasn't literally the tones that were
controlling the switches, but rather, it (the switch) thought that it was 
another switch sending electronic impulses over to it with instructions, but 
rather, a 2600hz tone was just converted over the lines to 'pretend' it was, 
and then when reaching the switch, the line 'broke'. Get it?

The Phreakers 10 Commandments-
Many magazines and files have published their own commandments that all use the
words thy and words of that sort. But, This is not one of them, Its only what
I think every phreaker should follow in order NOT to get busted or even be
suspected by the telco.

 1. Do NOT make over 10 toll-free phone calls from your house per week.
   (Per month is better!)

 2. NEVER brag about any blueboxing or theft of service over your home phone
    or even on IRC.

 3. Calling 800 numbers from home to get access to a dialtone NOT yours, is
    strongly prohibited.
 4. NEVER  bring anyone with you to someones junction-box when beige-boxing.
 5. Scan at random. 5ESS DOES have alarms to notify them of sequencial war-

 6. Checking your VMB from your home is PROHIBITED.
 7. Pay Phones are your friends. They allow you to be anonymous. DONT abuse
    that privledge.

 8. Use Handles all the time when on conferences and phone conversations with
    other phreaks.

 9. NEVER use someones handle or use your own handle on YOUR phone-line.
10. Be paranoid and suspicious of everyone. Dont even trust your best friend.

Multi-Frequency Tones-
Dual Tone Multi-Frequency Or DTMF
0  941hrz  + 1336hrz
1  697hrz  + 1209hrz
2  697hrz  + 1336hrz
3  697hrz  + 1477hrz
4  770hrz  + 1209hrz
5  770hrz  + 1336hrz
6  770hrz  + 1477hrz
7  852hrz  + 1209hrz
8  852hrz  + 1336hrz
9  852hrz  + 1477hrz
*  941hrz  + 1209hrz
#  941hrz  + 1447hrz

former AUTOVON tones
A  697hrz  + 1633hrz
B  770hrz  + 1633hrz
C  852hrz  + 1633hrz
D  941hrz  + 1633hrz

Other Frequencies
350hrz + 400hrz

Busy Signal
480hrz  + 620hrz

Toll Congestion
480hrz  + 620hrz

Ringback (normal)
440hrz + 480hrz

Reorder (Fast Busy Tone)
480hrz  + 620hrz

Hang Up
2450hrz  + 2600hrz

All Trunks Busy
440hrz  + 680hrz

Note: The below signalling is full of it, excuse me, I was drunk

C5 Signalling
697hrz  / 1633hrz

770hrz  / 1633hrz

852hrz  / 1633hrz

941hrz  / 1633hrz

700hrz  / 1700hrz

900hrz  / 1700hrz

1100hrz / 1700hrz

1300hrz / 1700hrz

1500hrz / 1700hrz


Update: What the FUCK was I thinking? I really dont know, here, I redid it
below, I didn't erase it because, well, I just want you guys to know what I
typed out before, and how stupid I can be. hehe.

Boxes And Their Functions-
I will first give you a list of some of the boxes that are supposed to exist
and then I will give you the 411 on what is true and what is just truely shit
written by idiot writters in the next section.  ;)

Acrylic        Get three-way conference calling for free
Aqua           Stop the (erm..), FBI lock-in trace
Beige          A ghetto linemans handset
Black          Causes the telco to think your phones
	       still ringing when youíve picked up the phone.
Blast          Phone mic. Amp.
Blotto         Fake Box. Brings your telco to their kneeís
Blue           Siezes a telco trunk
Brown          Three-way conference phone
Bud            Phone tapping device
Chartreuse     Use the electric from your line to power things
Cheese         Diverter
Chrome         Change the traffice lights to green whenever you want
Clear          Make free calls from fortress phones
Color          Line activated bug
Crimson        A simple hold button
Dark           Diverter
Dayglo         Cute little box to steal a line connection, like a beige-box
Gold           Out-Dial
Green          Tool to use with Bluebox
Infinity       Phone tap device
Jack           DTMF keypad
Light          An In-Use Light
Lunch          AM transmitter bug
Mauve          Phone tap without cutting into a line
Neon           External mic.
Noise          Create alot of line interference
Olive          External ringer bell. (heh)
Pandora        Emits a loud noise that causes headaches
Party          Another 3 way conference box
Pearl          Multi-Tone generator.
Pink           Yet, Another one of them boxes.
Rainbow        Not a real box. Supposed to kill traces just like the aqua.
Razz           Phone tap device
Red            Emulate nickle, Quarter, Dime tones to trick operators/machines
Rock           Input jack for music.
Scarlet        Causes bad reception
Silver         Creates A, B, C, D tones (used by AutoVon back in the day)
Static         High voltage lines. heh, boost your power.
Switch         A nice little operator switch for your home.
Tan            Line activated telephone recorder
Tron           Save electricity
TV Cable       See sound on your television
Violet         Stop payphone from hanging up.
White          Tone-Dialer, DTMF
Yellow         Extension Phone.

Please take into consideration that these are not ALL of them, I really
thought that most of these were duplicates of others. So, I left them out.
But, I left in some bull-shit ones just for my amusment.. . hehe.

Phreaker Box Review, Putting the myths to rest-
Here you will learn about how many times people claim to have invented a box
and say its tried and true, yatta yatta yatta, Well, This is where it all
boils down to. This is where YOU learn what is true and what is not. I see
alot of people on USENet, Undernet, And Efnet claiming that some of these
boxes work or "still" work. Believe me, Iíve done alot of research with
some of these to find  other ways to make these boxes possible and couldnít.
Okay, Here we go . . .

Acrylic Box :
Supposed to let you have free call waiting and three-way calling.
This would be true if the person who youíre mooching from is subscribed to
this service. Duh, Well, Now you can just use three way calling since now the
telco has the new kind of pay as you use service. So, All in all, This box
would work. Its pretty true.

Aqua Box
Defeats the FBI lock in trace. (heh)
This is totally full of shit. By draining your electric from your phoneline.
Youíre phone wont work. You need that electricity to keep your line up. Duh,
The writter of the file said it himself that you need it, Heh. If you just
drain a little, All youíll probably get is some nice line noise.

A handy dandy homemade Linemans handset.
This is 100% true. Its the simplest, Easiest and the most important tool
you'll have as a phreak.

supposed to make the telco think youíre phone is still ringing when youíve
picked up the phone, And thus, You or your calling party not being billed.
Sounds like a dream.
totally full of it. It did work back in the 60s but it went out with the
dinosaurs. Noone in this day and age could possibly try use this box and make
it work in the USA, Its totally impossible. Dont believe people that say that
black-boxes still work. Note: There is a different type of "black-box" for
all you people from the UK. Since I dont live in the UK, I really can't say.

Bring your local CO to their knees. May cause death or maybe slight buzzing
in your ears.
This was ment as a joke anyways. King Blotto just was bored one day and made
this up. Its a nice theory but, The telco does have alot of shit in there that
could withstand any attempt to short out their lines. Claire and I have done
some extensive research on this, Starting from scratch so that you can use a
more complicated version of a "Blotto-Box". We have found a way to modify a
telco box so it is possible to do something similar to the blotto purpose
with a 1AESS but nothing as scary as portrayed in the "blotto-box" file. So,
Be afraid, Be very afraid! heh, FjEar~!

Seize long distace trunks
Totally true! This is what started everything. Beware the scary telco-agent!
He hates blueboxes.

Changes traffic lights to green when its red. Heh, Nice little sucker.
Totally true. Ambulances need these to change the light green
when in an emergancy. try watching an ambulance and look ontop of their van,
See that light? Thats what youíre trying to imitate with a Chrome-Box,
Its fairly simple and it really works.

Closing Statement
Okay, Thats about it for this part. I really canít think of anything else at
this moment. Iíve just had two whoppers from Burger King and Iam stuffed.
Iíll be back after I smoke a ciggerette.

Construction Of a Beige-Box
This is by far the most easy to construct and the most treasured element in
phreaking. Here I will teach you how to construct one and how to use it once
youíve made it. This was originally placed on the Key Pulse webpage.

What is a Beige Box?
A Beige-Box is a homemade version of a linemans handset. You can find
many variations on the construction of this box widely on the internet But,
Here I will teach you how to construct the model that I used during my high
school years, Fully equipt with a ring-detector light, And a slot for your
recorder so you can record some calls.

How do I construct one?
So, You wanna make your own linemans handset... Hmmm. Here you will
find simply instructions on how to construct one. Its rather simple and
doesn't take much skill, Probably just a seventh grade knowledge of
electronics and some money to buy what you need.

Going Shopping - Buying what you need
You will first need to go to your nearest Radio Shack and WallMart to pick
up the following items.

1) A cheap two or three dollar phone
2) Some large aligator clips
3) Some solder (You do need a soldering iron)
4) Any silicon diode
5) Drill (Or something to make a hole in your phone)
6) An RCA input jack
7) Any type of LED (Yes, Even a christmas light)
8) a 1/2-watt resister
9) a spdt switch
10)Line doubler (Also known as a line splitter)

Making your handset
Okay, Open up your line-doubler. See those red and green wires? Well,
Those wont help you much the way it is, So, You will have to solder in more
wire. Just make it at least a foot long (So you can have some room, Heh).
Now Strip the other side of those wires and solder on one aligator clip to
each wire. Now, You can plug in your handy dandy phone and you've got a
fully functional Beige-Box. The reason why you dont just cut the raw wire
from the phone itself is this, Who wants to ruin a good phone? I sure dont.
And when you finally get a more expensive cellular-style phone which will
cost you about $12.00, You can just plug in that phone without any harm
done to the first phone or your new phone. Now test this out. Get some old
phone wire, Splice it, Now hook on. Do you get a Dialtone? If so, You did
it right, If not then you fucked up and have to do it over.

Making the Ring-Detector
Solder the yellow wire on your phone to the spdt switch. Now, Wire in your
spdt switch to your Silicon diode which will light up your LED whenever theres a ring.

Making your input jack for recording
Open up your phone. Now try to trace back the wires that lead to the
speaker. What you want to do is try to splice that wire without disconnecting
it from its circuit board. If you do, Then you're fucked! Get your RCA Input
jack, And solder it in to that wire. Now drill a hole big enough for it to stick
out of the phone. Thats it, Whenever you want to record, Just jack it in and press record.

Construction of a Red-Box
There are many, Many, Ways to construct the box that Iam about to discuss. But, Iam going to
only guide you on the construction of the most simple, I recommend this method to all newbies
for the simple fact that it takes NO knowledge of electronics to construct.

What is a Redbox?
A redbox is any device that can emit MF tones that will attempt and
sometimes successfully trick operators or telco equiptment to thinking you
dropped in some change for your call. Please note in my NPA, Some
payphones do not let you call 0 (it must be some kind of hazard to someone
getting murdered who needs to call 0 to get help) Well, Most likely to test
this out, Go to your nearest payphone and dial 0 or 00 or 411 and ask who
is able to place a call for you. When you find out who the hell handles these
sort of calls (10 to 1 its the 0 operator), Tell them you need to make a call
and if they tell you to drop in your coins and you press some buttons on the
key pad and they tell you go get a life, This is a small sign that that phone
emits tones. This is a redboxable phone.

Update: Please dont do that. I wrote that just to see if anyone would actually
do it, and, well, lets just say two kids got busted. A better way to find out
this is to call up a friend, and then drop a nickle down the payphone, if your
friend here's the 'tone' then well, you're lucky, you found one. hehe.

Is This Illegal?
Yes, RedBoxing is considered theft of service and is not something that the
telco takes sitting down. Many people have been put in jail for the simple
fact of attempting to redbox a call. Telco secuirity agents are all around us.
Remember that and think before you attempt to box in a crowded area.

Step One
Go out and get a small DAT card, I bought mine for about 8 dollars at my
local Wall-Mart. It looks like a portable dialer that has only 3 buttons on it.
one button for recording, One for shuffling (Rewind & FastForward), and
One for playing whatever you recorded.

Step Two
Go to  Http://www.Fonez.8k.Com/redb2.htm  to download the tones you need to 
create Quarter, Nickel, And Dime tones. But what do I hear? Some of you dont
have soundcards? Well, I've taken care of you folk too. You can call any of
the following three Toll-Free Numbers to get the tones you need.

Update: Tones are no longer at the URL above. Sorry. I'll leave you the tones
UUEncoded at the end of the 3 files along with the UUDecode .asm source.

Step Three
Now all you have to do is record these tones on your DAT card, Since the
smaller ones are able hold five seperate "Messages", You can have one for a
Quarter Tone, One for a Nickel tone, One For a Dime tone , One for both
the nickel and dime tones (since they boosted the price to 35 cents) , And
the last one for like, Three dollars in quarters for long distance or International calls

Beige-Boxing -
Okay, This is it, Your first time hooking onto some strangers lines. Nervous? Well, You
should be. I didnít give you plans for the stealth box (I want you to find it on your own)
and you can get cought.  Okay, I want you to test it out first. Get a piece of old phone wire and
strip one end. Now hook your two clips on. Red to red, Green to green and listen in. Do you hear
a dialtone? If you do, Then you did it right and you can just do the same thing with a junction
it goes the same way, Red to red, Green to green, And well,  If it did not work, check your wires
check if you connected it right, If everything checks out and you still have problems, Then undo
everything and start over until it works right.

Beige-Boxing Tips
1. Dress casually. Dont dress like youíre up to no-good. Dress like you're a good kid.
2. Hook up the doubler first then plug in your phone, It helps decrease line noise
3. Try to find houses without dogs (Duh!), with Unlocked fence gates, And not much people.
4. take a leash with you. If you hear someone outside, Unhook, And say youíve lost your dog.

Red Boxing and  Some PayPhone mechanics
Here it is, The part alot of people were waiting for. The part to be discussed
now is how a payphone works and the easiest way to make a free call from a
payphone, Red-boxing. Automatic Coin Tolling Service, Is what makes this possible.
Okay, Imagine your an operator. You dont want to be sitting by anytime some
schmuck wants to make a simple phonecall from a payphone, Right? Well, This
is exactly why ACTS was put into action. Its a simple computer that plays
that somewhat friendly recording asking for you to throw some money into the
coin slot then waits for tones that would signify that you dropped in some
change and only then can the phone place your call. Iam simplifying this
alot because ACTS can be used for way more that just placing calls and
playing one message over and over again. Iíll talk about this later on in the
file. Since ACTS waits for Tones and its only a computer, That means it can
be tricked, Right? Exactly! This is the essence of Red-Boxing. So, Anything
that can be used as a recording/playback device can be made into a fully
functional redbox. A simple Redboxed call would go something like this, Joe
calls up directory assistance and asks for the number for his friend sammy,
The operator says she found it and then plays a recording that goes something
like, "The number for your call is 555-1212 and can automatically be called
for a deposit of 45 cents". This is when Joe plays some tones through the
line and a recording says "Thank You", And Joes call is placed for free.
This is a good example of what a casual redboxed call would sound like. Its
just that simple. I really think that I donít need to explain how to use a
redbox since the example it the best way to teach you. Okay, Since weíre on
the subject of payphones, Heres a brief on what makes a payphone tick (If you
know what I mean..-Hint Hint). Okay, First things first. What happens when
you drop in those coins? Well, First, It goes through the coin slot and
collects on a counter that counts and makes sure that thats the right sort of
change, Hence using slugs to get you some free calls, Then, It falls onto a
small "plate" that holds your money until youíre finished with your call.
This is in case your call cannot be completed and rings out, You get your
money back. Get it? ACTS lets you make the call, But the only way you can get
real money out of that payphone is making the phone think that youíre call
ringed out and that whatever money is still on that plate is dropped right
into your palm. I doubt that any phone will actually have money just stored
up there for safe keeping, So, How do you get money  from people? Well, The
most well known way is to stuff up that payphone until ever coin will fall
right through, And when they pull the coin return switch, Nothing comes out,
Withing two days of letting people use this payphone over and over, Youíll
make money pretty quick. Alot of people recommend that you use toilet paper
since its the easiest to get out of the coin return slot once you want to get
your money out. Another way to jack pot a payphone is to do it through the
wiring. You can find information on how to do this on the net very easily,
And so, I wont discuss how to do it here for obvious reasons. Okay, There are
currently many types of payphones out in the US and it would take almost
forever (metaphorically speaking, Of course) to discuss each and every one of
them. So, Iíll just discuss Millennium phones and hope that you know what
these things are. Okay, There are alot of different types of these phones and
Iíll only talk about one type since Iam such a lazy-ass and by the way, They
all work very similar if not exactly the same (They are all just millennium
phones when you take off  some small pieces and special features). Okay, All
of these phones have card readers/writters (smart-cards, And Magnetic strip
cards) on them (Heh, Iam yet to take one of them home), Two locks that have
different keys for both of them, Some really thick-ass metal to withhold a
sledge hammer, And alot of features oozing out of the guts of this thing.
They look just like super-payphones (Nice analogy, Heh?) and well, They sort
of ARE. If you dont know this already, When you first pick up its reciever,
Youíll hear a dialtone just like normal, But, This is not a real dialtone
(Its true, Its true). Millennium phones imitate COCOT phones and do NOT
utilize ACTS at all. (Of course redboxing off operatrors is still posible).
These phones do all the billing (Long-Distance, International, And yes, Local)
and hence these things are heavily armored so noone can get into the wiring
(Its true, Its true). Okay, When you make a call, You pick up the phone, Hear
the fake dial-tone, You dial your number, The phone stores the numbers you
just pressed in its temporary memory, If you dropped in your change, It
releases its real dialtone and dials the number thats stored, Your call is
now placed. This is practically how it all works. Iam still yet to meet up
with another one of these phones (There are NO Millennium phones where I live,
And the only times Iíve seen these things is when I took a quick stop in
Toronto where a friend showed me the guts of this thing and gave me a little
lesson on how they work).....

Red, Green, Black, Yellow? -Wire Colors explained
Basically, What every phone needs to work is a basic Ring and Tip. 89% of the
time, The Ring and Tip for a simple phone will be spotted by its coresponding
Christmas colors (Red And Green). The best way to remember this is to think of
it as two Rís as in Red-Ring, Green-Tip. Once you remember the two Rís, The
tip is just what follows. You must be thinking, Okay, I spliced my phone cord
and have more wires that what you explained, What does the rest do? Its rather
simple, Most of the time, If you have no other features as in POTS (Plain Olí
Telephone Service), They are just ground wires that help with electricity
flow. But, If you have call waiting, Three way calling, Or anything else like,
Two separate phonelines, These wires are put to use. Call waiting is  just
voltage shot up your yellow and black wires to trigger that little Beep sound
that you hear to warn you that you have another incoming phonecall (Well,
This is what I think happens, Iam sort of drunk right now). Anyways, Your
yellow and black are also your ring and tip but are reserved for secondary
phonelines that you have. This is what you have in your home. Now when it
comes to outside around your neighborhood, Youíll encounter Violet, Grey
(Slate), Brown, White, Blue,  And of course, Red And Green. These are just
variations of Ring and Tip wiring that acts exactly the same but in different
combinations. Well, Thats it for this twenty  min. I took to type out Chapter
One. Iíll see you in the next Chapter where weíll discuss Blueboxing and if
it exists and other styles of phreaking.

See Next Chapter . . . .

Member of the Black Sheep Crew  
Editor of Rev0lt Magazine, The Key Pulse Newsletter, and PlayToy ePr0n
Webmaster for -- Http://www.Fonez.8k.Com (URL taken down)

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