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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: goldfone.txt

Gold Phoning

                                GOLD PHONiNG

-------------------------------by Kryptonite!-------------------------------

  Theres quite a few articles going round on how to do this and after 
  trying all the techniques for ages I finally got it to work for me just
  yesterday, so I thougt, might as well let all you other dudes in on the

  If you are not to sure on what Gold Phoning is, it's when you use the 
  small red pay phones and you play around with the buttons to get yourself
  a free call, thats right, no putting in money. Anyway, this is how I did

  You pick up the phone and then hold your finger on the follow on button
  (you know the button you press when you have credits left and you want to
  make another call)..then you push down on the reciever for about 10 secs 
  plus. If it's gonna work it will keep a tone, now you take your finger
  off the follow on button, and dial away. I have been warned that it does- 
  nt work on some phones due to the follow on button being disable. Plus I
  have tried the technique about 25 times and only once didnt get it to  
  work. Other techniques that didn't work for me where keeping your hand on 
  the hook.

  Oh and when It did work for me, the mate that I called up said that the 
  reception was really bad.
  Hope it workz for you.

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