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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: freldmsg.txt

Free LD Messages!

                                                  Filename: FREEMSG.TXT 
                                                 Title: Free LD Msgs    
                                                     By: Hell's Angel   
                                                   Released: 06/14/96   
                                                   Danger: 旭旭旭旭旭   
        This is an easy way to get quick messages to someone from a
payfone either LD or when you don't have change to make a call. It works
best using 1-800-COLLECT. Some other carriers will also work, assuming
they use computerized routing of the collect call.

        1) Call 1-800-COLLECT (or your other carrier) Enter the #
           of the recipient of the message when prompted.

        2) When you are asked to say your name, you have about *6*
           seconds to record your message. Examples include:

           "It's John, call me at 555-1212"

           "My plane will get in at 6:55 pm, Terminal D, USAir"

           "Mom, come pick me up at the Gym Doors of the school"

           You get the idea.

        3) Allow the recieving party to reject the call. They will recieve
           your message, and can hang up. You MUST stay on the line until
           you are told that your call has been refused. That will ensure
           that the other end heard your message. Also, the "name" will be
           repeated twice, so if there is a date or fone number in it, the
           recieving party will hear it a second time if they miss it.

Be aware that although 1-800-COLLECT doesn't screen the "name" that is
recorded, they may notice a large number of refused calls from a reciever.
You shouldn't use this all the time, but it can be handy.


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