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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: freeph~1.txt

Using BroadPoint and other free (ad-sponsored) long distance schemes to evade Caller ID

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     _|_|    _|      _|_|_|  _|    _|  _|    _|  _|_|_|  _|_|_|   _|_|
     _|      _|      _|  _|  _|    _|  _|    _|  _|  _|  _|   _|  _|
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                  _|       _|  _|  _|_|_|  _|_|_|  _|_|_|  _|_|_|

                "I sniffed Coke once but the ice got stuck in my nose." 


Title:      |||| cool phone stuff on the internet ||||

Date:       September 17, 1999
Author:     matt


Alright, this is my first text file so bare with me.

Phones.. you use em everyday, they're a part of life.  You can get so nice
free phone services like voicemail, phone email, and other sweet shit,
right on the net.  

Broadpoint has a nice program that offers you long distance calling for
free.  You listen to (ignore) a 15 second ad and you get talk time.  Its 1
ad per 2 minutes of talk time.  These things are great for prank calls
from pay-phones and calling mom to come pick you up at the movies.  The
offer is called FreeWay and is found at

myTalk is a place that gives you an email address, and a toll-free number
with and extension.  So say someone sends you an email, you can go online
and check your mail via the web, or if you're away from home, you can call
up your toll free number, enter your extension, and you can listen to some
geeky voice read you your messages.  You can also send messages over the
phone, it'll encode em to a .rm or .wav file for you and send them to the
address you specify.  Visit their site at

Ok, so you want voicemail so your friends can contact you, no problem.
uReach has a great voicemail system.  You get your OWN toll free number,
thats right, no special extensions.  People can call your number up and
leave you a message.  You can get their message by going on their website,
logging in, and hearing it in audio format, or you can just call up your
number and hear your messages.  They too also will read you your email and
you can send email from there.  They also have a sweet fax service where
you just send an email to say and it'll send
that message to the fax machine you listed in the address, in this case
its 313-298-7600.  You can hook up with uReach at

There are tons of other free phone services around the net, you just have
to look for them.  I know has some free voice-mail system. also has something, but you have to give them your credit
card number.  Look around, you'd be amazed at what you can get for free on
the internet.

matt (


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