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Using Caller ID to get your home dialtone from any phone

From eggotwrp@aol.comNOSPAM Wed Aug 16 21:09:40 2000
Newsgroups: alt.phreaking
Subject: Re: Idea for free calls at ANY phone...
From: eggotwrp@aol.comNOSPAM (Eggotwrp)
Date: 17 Aug 2000 04:09:40 GMT

another way to do it would be to use one of many caller id programs to feed the
program the number of the payphone you're at. You pay for the call, let it ring
twice, and hang up, getting your change back. your comp then calls you back and
gives you your other line, and you call any local number you want for free.
simple, good idea.

>Well, I've been seeing a lot of those phone-to-phone web services (like
> and had a nifty idea.  My friend just got one of those
>two-way pagers that can send/receive email, and I'll probably get my own
>soon.  All you need is some remote shell that's up 24/7 (or yer own box,
>but I hate leaving mine on constantly), a crontab, and a script. 
>Basically, I'd set it up so that if I was at a payphone that accepted
>incoming calls, I could email my box with a special subject line and
>have the crontab run a script to check my mail every minute or so.  If
>it found the special header, it would read the first two lines of the
>message (1st line would be the number I'd like to call, 2nd would be the
>number of the phone I'm using), and plug those into the form that's used
>by one of those services.  Then, one minute later, your payphone would
>ring and you'd get connected to whoever you wanted to call.  I see much
>promise in this idea... plus it's all LEGAL!  Tell me what y'all think...

eggo SMITE, my 'zine  Alt.phreaking FAQ -- soon to be moderated
by me.

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