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Free short messages from 1-800-COLLECT

-=How To Leave A Message Anywhere For Free=-

     Say your short of change and cant pay for a little message to somebody? 
Well all you have to do is dial 1-800-COLLECT.

1) When the operator says, " To make a collect call enter the number, area
code first. "  You Enter the number you want to dial.  This can be nearly
any phone number in the world.

2) And when it says, "Enter your name."  You have 3-4 seconds to enter your
name but instead your going to say your message.  You have to talk fast 
to get your message finished, most of the time it will cut you off, so call 
back to finish your message.  And the person receiving the call hears the 
operator saying, " Will you accept a collect call from...(It says your 
message here)" Then the person receiving the call will not accept the 
collect call and they get your message for free.

    This is a technique that I have been using for about 1 year now.  Even 
if you do have the money for the call, why waste it when you can Ripp-Off 
the money throbbing phone company.

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