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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: fonesab.txt

Basic telephone sabotage

!                                    !
! Basic Telephone and Communication  !
!             Sabotage               !
!                                    !
!                By:                 !
!        The Egyptian Lover          !
!                 &                  !
!        The Phoenix Phorce          !

 This file is written for the information of basic telephone and communcation
sabotage. I have always wanted to know alot about this subject, so I did some
research on it and decided to write a file about it because I know that there
are others who are like me.

 The first and most important thing is to break down the enemies communication
down. This is a small, but very important part of communication sabotage.

Steps in Disconnecting a Phone

 Call the local Bell C/o and say that you would like the enemies telephone
to be disconnected. One important part of this call is making sure that 
your call is kept under 90 seconds. You should not place your call from a 
pay phone since the phone company can tell right away that you are calling
from one, so you should avoid this. Place your call ~rom a private business
line that you can in no way be connected with. Another thing that you 
should keep in mind is that if you are planning to attempt to disconnect
a law enforcement or business's line, remember that most of them have more
than one line. When you actually place the call and talk to the Bell em-
ployee, keep calm and collected and do not sound young. I suggest that you
sound at least 18 or above. If you don't sound this old, then fake it, but
don't over do it.

Destroying Phone Lines

 This is a little more dangerous part of communication sabotage. It involves
actually cutting the telephone lines to knock out the lines for a large area.
This can be easier if you live in a rural area for the lines are above the 
ground and easier to get at, plus there will not be that many people around
watching you climb up the pole and make an asshole of yourself. There are 
some tools that you will need to do this deed. Here are the ones that I know
that you should take along:

    1] Rubber soled shoes
    2] Pliers with rubber grips
    3] Wire or tin cutters
    4] Surgical rubber grips
    5] Flashlight [smaller the better, for night use]
    6] Straps with alot of freedom [for when you are at the top of the pole]

 ** Important ** : These lines carry alot of electrical current and it should
be taken into consideration that this is very dangerous. Also, before
ateempting this, I suggest that you go trashing and try to find a Bell re-
pairman's manual to help you with the actual cutting.
 This works a little different with the cutting of the wires in urban areas.
Since the lines are underground it makes it harder. In most urban areas, the
lines will be found beneath street level and are usually put into a tunnel
for sewers. Inside the sewer there are alot of High GVoltage Electrical
wires. If you cut into one of these, your brains will be fried out your 
ass no matter how well insolated you are, so don't touch. 
 To get you more informed about what you are actually looking for, then I
suggest that you goto your public library and get a map of the underground
phone lines around your area or an electronic line locator so that you 
can find the right line to cut. The urban saboteur should have all the 
equipment that the rural saboteur should have except he should exchange the
pole strap for a rubber insulated hack-saw and a crowbar also. The hacksaw
is for the use of cutting the metal cased wires and lines in the sewer area.
 You can get into most manholes easily, but I suggest that you take a look
at your map and thoroughly study the routes that you plan to take and be
sure and know exactly where you plan to go, you wouldn't want to get lost 
in the sewer. Be sure and dress in your worst clothes because of the 
environment of the sewer, it is full of shit, water, rats and other such

  Well, I hope you have enjoyed this file and take care.

  Thanks to:  Arthur Dent for keeping me up at 3:00 in the morning while I
              was jamming on this file.
                        The Egyptian Lover
                   [-=> The Phoenix Phorce <=-]

          |                Paranoia                 |
          |              215-657-6225               |


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