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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: faxbak.txt

Fax Backs

Phone Losers Of Dat Damm Dirty 440
Fax Backs
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1-800-222-9323 AMV FAX-Back.1-800-268-9100 Bell
Canada 1-900, 976, Info Line (2,1,2,AC,NUM,#,#)
1-800-282-2000 Phillips (1,2,6,AC,NUM,#,1,#)
1-800-323-6586 Tandy Retail Services FAX-Back.
(order Tandy docs!)
1-800-329-7310 Bell Atlantic Investor Relations
1-800-345-1518 Compaq Computer PaqFax.
1-800-365-0696 Genecom Corporation FAX-back
service. (Digital Printer Support)
1-800-368-9673 Hewlett-Packard Information
Storage Quick Fax (1,2,AC,NUM,1,2,)
1-800-380-0030 Diamond (2,2AC,NUM,#,1,AC,NUM,#,1)

1-800-443-1254 HP Portable Products
1-800-445-7736 Exabyte Fax-on-Demand (2,1)
1-800-446-6212 Analog Fax
1-800-451-2100 Lucent Technologies Cincinnati.
(get product info by FAX)
1-800-483-2495 Central FAX on demand system.
1-800-521-2846 Brother FAX-Back (they make fax
machines and typewriters)
1-800-522-6752 Amp Fax
1-800-525-3019 Intel (1,1,3,2,AC,NUM,1,#)
1-800-663-0378 Toshiba Canada TossFax. (press 1)
1-800-684-2255 Nortel Networks Fax on Demand
System. (1,1,1,AC,NUM,#)
1-800-722-4786 Sun Microsystems Service Canada
1-800-727-3351 Micro$oft Sales FAX Service Line.
(press *,1,1,AC,NUM,#,5,0)
1-800-762-6163 3Com Fax-on-Demand.
1-800-822-4269 Borland Tech-Fax Document
Retrieval System (3,2,1,AC,NUM,#,1,3,1)
1-800-827-3000 Elite Group (press 1 for Fax-back)

1-800-832-4778 Western Digital Fax Access
1-800-832-6328 Ameritech Team Data Support Center
(press 6,2,1,2,AC,NUM,1)
(pressing 6 transfers you to the Ameritech Team
Data Information
Server which you can use to obtain telco info via
1-800-872-4786 Sun Microsystems Service United
States (2,4,1,AC,NUM,#,1)
1-800-879-8632 US West News line. (U.S. only)
1-800-909-0261 Apple Fax.
1-800-909-0263 3M Economic Services Fax-On-Demand
1-800-909-0264 Kinkos Fax-On-Demand Service.
1-800-909-0269 Co-merica Bank, California's
Fax-On-Demand Service.
1-800-943-8329 Integrated Device Tech
1-800-FAX-SUNW Sun Fax-Back.
1-800-IBM-4FAX IBM FAX Information Service.
1-800-SKY-USER SkyTel Customer Service. (press 3
for FAX on demand for docs)
1-888-322-8444 Hartford Shareholders News & Info
FAX-Back (3,1,AC,NUM)

got any not listed or do any not work please let me know

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