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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: exchscan.txt

Exchange Scanning

                            EXCHANGE SCANNING (99XX)

Almost every exchange in the Bell System has test #'s and other "goodies" such
as loops with dial-ups.

These "goodies" are usually found between 9900 and 9999 in your local exchange.
 If you have the time and initiative, scan your exchange and you may become

Here are my findings in the 914-268 exchange:

9901 - Verifaction (recording of a/c and exchange)
9927 - Osc. tone (possible tone side of a loop)
9936 - Voice # to the telco central office
9937 - Voice ! to the telco central office
9941 - Computer (digital voice transmission?)
9960 - Osc. tone (tone side loop -- may also be a computer in some exchanges
9961 - No response (other end of loop?)
9962 - No response (other end of loop?)
9963 - No response (other end of loop?)
9966 - Computer (see 9941)
9968 - Tone that disappears--responds to certain touch tone keys

What you find depends upon the switching equipment in the exchange and the
Telco operating company.

Since I have done the above 914-268-99XX scan, Congers (268) has installed new
switching equipment (DMS100).  Some of the numbers are the same, but I have
noticed that on the DMS100, the recordings are also stored in this area.
268-9903, 9906, & 9912 are all different recordings.  Also, there are 2
fortress fone recordings at 268-9911 (deposit 5 cents or else) and 268-9913
(deposit 10 cents).

In some areas (like Delaware), I have noticed that 9906-7 is ringback.  If you
find anything interesting, be sure to drop TAP a line.

Have phun and remember it's only local call to see what your CO has in store
for you!


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