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The worlds FIRST 1ESS switch at Succasunna NJ has finally retired!

(189)   Wed 30 Oct 91 21:23
By: Maurice R Baker
To: All
Re: Oldest 1ESS in USA Retires
@PTH 1:340/201.0@Fidonet
From: (Maurice R Baker)
Newsgroups: comp.dcom.telecom
Subject: Oldest 1ESS in USA Retires
Organization: AT&T Bell Laboratories

 From {Bell Labs News} of 10/28/91:

    ----Picture of a row of craftpersons with bolt cutters severing
        many multi-pair cables---

      These New Jersey Bell technicians are actually in the process of
taking a very well-behaved -- and the nation's oldest -- 1ESS(tm) out
of service.  The switch became the world's first commercial electronic
switching system when it was installed in Succasunna, NJ in 1965.  It
was replaced with a 5ESS(tm) on September 28th.

      The cutover was accomplished in three steps.  First, the new
5ESS was installed and hooked up to the incoming lines -- which were
also still going to the old switch -- but not powered up.  Then, at
1:00 AM, when there is relatively little traffic on the old switch,
the cables coming in to the 1ESS were quickly cut.  Once all the lines
were cut, the new switch was turned on.  The whole operation took only
a few minutes, and agencies involved in emergency services were
notified in advance of the brief service outage.

      The 1ESS design project, which was conducted at Whippany in the
early 60's, was the largest single development effort undertaken by
the Bell System up to that point, occupying more than 300 engineers
and technicians.

       AT&T Network Systems and New Jersey Bell are considering
donating part of the retired switch to the Smithsonian Institution.

--- Fred-Uf 1.8(L)[BETA]
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@Date: 30 Oct 91 21:23:04 GMT
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