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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: enig_1.txt

Teletech (Itron) Telco truck terminal system

By Enigma 

If you have ever gone trashing you know you can get manuals and really good
confidential information about the phone company. But have you seen any manuals
lately, telco wised-up. So we go to the next thing which is called "trucking."
Is is unarguably the best sorce of manuals, afterall we all need help and
ameritech is there to 'give' it to us. Manuals only tell you about various
systems, but usually don't give you access numbers to them. And you would
think that regular techs have to get into the sytem to get line information
and such. You would be right but they dont use laptops, they would cost to
much to supply all the techs with them. That is why they use something smaller
and more cost efficiant. This thing is called TeleTech. It is a terminal
about the size of a mini-laptop, but without the screen. It has a screen,
with a brown background and displays black text. One thing that you can tell
it by are all the colored keys on it that let the tech make specific choics.
TeleTech runs on an OS called ITRON Custom Operating System (COS). The tech
hooks his cell fone up to the back of the terminal and dials one of the AP
system numbers. Once connected to the system, they enter the fone number
on which they need line info. They have a portable printer that they send
the info to. Cable and Pair numbers, work orders, how many lines are on the
account, and just about any other line information that would be availiable
by trashing or social engineering.

  When the tech powers up the TeleTech, it preforms a self-test. If there is
a problem with the terminal, an error message will appear on the screen
explaining the malfunction. Since there is 10-15 errors and ways to correct
them , i am not going to get into it, maybe in another article. I will tell
you some of the essential things that are needed to get this to work. But
before i tell you this stuff, let it be known that you need to get a TeleTech,
and the AP system numbers. You can just get the AP numbers and think that
is all you need, the terminal is manditory. If you are going trucking for
it you need to take the whole cell phone and not just the handset because
that isnt where the numbers are stored. Now on the the semi-technical stuff.

 You are going to run into some trouble right off the bat because you dont
have the password. This particular error is called Invalid Password Entry.
The terminal will give you three trys to enter the correct password and if
the correct password isnt entered the terminal will power itself off. But
when the terminal is made in the factory it is programmed with a special
command sequence just incase you forgot the password. Now to get the password
assosiated with that terminal power it off then on again ( if it wasnt on
already). When the message 'enter password' appears , press the shift key.
Then type ------ (6 hypens). Press the 'enter/next' key and the screen will
display the password.

The battery that is runs on is a Nicad battery. It will eventually run out 
of juice so you can replace them with 3 Alkaline "C" cells. Now these are
some error codes that the terminal might throw at you. 

xxxx = Itron error code
xxx..xx = Text identifying the communication failure.
ttt = Current port for default program load.
bbb = Baud rate for program load.
r =Reponse to "use default' question.
vvvv = Current version of ITRON Custom Operating System (COS)
mm/dd/yy = Date of COS version being used

Most of these commands are current and acurate. If they arnt please mail
me any new commands that you have found, whether voluntary or involuntary.
I hope that this has help all of the phreaks to get the information that
you all want. I advise anyone that is looking into trucking to be careful.
This is mainly men for the advanced phreak that knows what he/she is actually
doing. If you dont know what you are doing you can get traced back faster
than you would expect. Dont stay in the system to long or someone might get
suspicious. I hope you have benefited from this and I hope to write another
article dedicated to all the error messages.

Author Note:This test is small i know that. But this is because there
is not alot of info on this particular subject. I am still getting info on
TeleTech and ITRON. When write my next text about all the error codes , i
will write an update also.

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