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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: elfhack.txt

How to phreak without fear!

How to phreak without fear!

          by The Elf

Contact me on Demon Roach Underground.

As far as I know this works only in Southwestern Bell's areas. That should
include Texas, Ok, Arkansas, NM and Louisanna.

Materials needed: Shoes with rubber soles, Wirestrippers/cutters,
  3/8in open-end wrench, beige box, 
  and maybe a cordless phone.

First off, this method is not fool proof and is safer in rural
areas than in big cities. Second, you need to know where the little green
cylinder that connects your house to the network is. If your area's setup
is anything like mine, there'll be a green protrusion every five hundred
feet down a rural road. If you aren't for sure which one is for your house
you can either report line problems and watch for the lineman to work on
your line and note what box he goes to or you can get a good cordless phone
and if the box is in range take it with you to the box, open the box up,
turn on the phone and verify that you have a dial-tone, the box will have
several pairs of wires sticking out of it (blues and oranges) and some of
them (the blues ones) will be connected.
These blue lines are primary lines. If you notice though, the blue
lines go into a insulator with a pair of unhooked orange wires, 
secondary lines, that both go to houses. If you already have a legal second
line the orange pair should be hooked up too.
The post has a left set of terminals and a right side of terminals.
You ALWAYS hook up the wire with the white stripe on it to the left side!
Find your line by disconnecting wires and listening to the phone. When you
find yours, trace the blue wire down in to the ground and see it there's
a pair of orange wires that are in the same cable as the blues. Hook them
up by cutting off the capper and striping the wires. Now close up the box
after you make it look like it was inside and pick up any wire strippings
and then go home.
You're now hooked into another line! Now you need to interface
your house with the new line.
Most houses have a telephone network interface box. This is a
black, silver or beige box thats on the outside of the house. The newer
model boxes have two parts, one part for the linemen and another part for
the customers. You need to get in to both. Open up the box.
You should see the blue wires hooked up to the red and green lines
also you should see the orange wires sticking up unused. Strip them and
connect them to the yellow and black wires. The wire with the stripe goes
to the yellow wire. Now your house has a new line.
To access the other line you have two choices. You can either buy a
two line splitter and use both lines in your room, or you can just open up
the wall plate of the room that you'd want to use the new line in and
exchange the red and black and the yellow and green wires.
You're now ready to go. Chances are you'll be tied into an
existing phone line already so be careful in your usage during the night.
THe great thing about this is that you can now call long-distance for free!
No more code hacking!


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