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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: dianapbx.txt

Just how stupid Diana PABX's are

           .o (( Just how stupid Diana PABX's are by Wizdumb )) o.

I worked somewhere where we had Diana installed, and a PC with TelTrace,
the goofy Win16 proggy that Telkom use for monitoring and logging calls on
their PABX systems. The idea is that each employee has their own personal
three-digit phone code for gaining access to an outside line. An employee
dials 0, then their personal phone code, and then the number they want to
dial. Or, they dial 0, Press "Redial" to dial the phone code of the last
person who used the phone, and call away. Ummm. Okay. This is cool.

I don't know why more South African phreaks don't start abusing PABXs.
It's not like they log failed phone code entries or anything, and they
have them installed at all of the places that deserve to have
international phone calls billed to them.

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