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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: datus.txt


From Sun Jun 17 09:50:20 2001
Newsgroups: alt.phreaking
Subject: DATUs
From: notten <>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 16:50:20 GMT

You should all get DATUS for your area and screw with them.
I'll show you how to get one and hopefully this will help you
find others. Maybe some in your area. Anyways, here's the

1) Get a target area code and exchange and find all the
exchanges on the same switch as that exchange. There
is one DATU per switch and one switch per area so all
the exchanges you get should be served by the same
DATU. I'll pick 732-530-xxxx. Now lets find the other
exchanges that are local. For this we turn to and type in 732-530.
This comes up in the bottom right corner of the page:

 732-530 732-450 732-576 732-741 732-747
 732-758 732-842 732-212 732-219 732-933
 732-936 732-224 732-345

Now we have all the exchanges that the switch
serves. We go on to step 2.

2) Finding the DATU. DATUs usually listen for one
ring and then pick up. On pickup they make a continuous
tone on your line that sounds different from the standard
tone. We can't try every number in all exchanges, but
the standard LN is 9935 so we call each 9935:

732-530-9935 - "AT&T, what number are you calling from pls?"
                       Not exactly DATU but it's cool. Keep this.
732-450-9935 - "The number you have dialed is disconnected."
                       Well, that's not it.
732-576-9935 - "The number you have dialed is not in service."
                       Heh, not this either obviously.
732-741-9935 - Nice DATU tone. Hmm, yep, that's it!
                      You have the DATU. I'm not gonna call others,
                      but I think you get the point on calling sequentially.

3) Now what? Well enter the password. It just so happens the
default (1111) works on this one. If yours doesn't work with
this try 7373 or 4300 or even 1234. You might just have to try
randomly. After this go ahead and dial a 7 digit phone number
served by that switch and have fun. If you don't know what a
DATU does you might as well read 2600 or Phrack for a quick 
look. They are made by Harris the same people that make butt
sets in case you need to contact the vendor. 

Hope you had fun and you'll find your own DATU. Remember
not to raise hell with these suckers. They're kind of important
pieces of equipment and good old mabell will make you pay
for these things if you tie up a line. Although it is kinda funny
when you do high level tones on people's lines. I'ma make a
shirt that says "I'm the guy who makes funny noises on your
phone line."

Peace out,


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