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Capturing Redial - How to find the last number any phone with a redial feature called

 Quick & Dirty by oleBuzzard
 Written Today / 03-JAN-96
 (c) 1996 <k0p> Communications


  Ok, here's the scenario: You're at someone's house. That someone
  pick's up the phone, dials, and...

   "Hey Billy, how's the Missus?....Great glad to hear it. And How's 
   Chelsea?...Oh really, thats fabulous. And how's Roger doin'?...Great,
   glad to hear it. I was just calling to see how you all were doin. Is 
   Al or Tipper around?"

  The phone call's over and you're sayin to yourself "man, I wish I had 
  that number." Well you could ask your friend point blank for it, but
  we both know that as two-faced and shallow as your so-called
  friendship with this guy is, theirs NO WAY he'd give you the number to
  information let alone to the White House. But that's alright, cuz 
  you're pretty good at...


  The principle behind Redial Capturing is simple. You basically capture 
  the last number that was dialed from a TouchTone(c) phone and keep it 
  for later use. So now the question is, how do you do the capture. Well 
  there's a number of way you can do it, but after some consideration, I 
  think I've come up with a method thats both fairly inexpensive, VERY 
  effective, and quite practical. Heres what you need:

   * Radio Shack Pocket Dialer w/Memory
     Catalog Number: 43-146
     Price: $24.99

   * Any Brand Pager.

  Alrght, here it is, plain, simple, and effective:

   1. Take your Radio Shack Dialer and program it with the number to
      your pager. 

   2. Keep your dialer with you at all times. (Every good 
      phreak should have one anyway.) 

   3. When you need to make a Capture, wait for the person 
      who has made the call to get off the phone (obviously.)

   4. Pick-up the same phone the person has made the call from.

   5. Hold the Pocket Dialer up to the Mouth Piece of the phone, and
      press the Memory button (assuming you did like I said and
      programmed the Dialer with your pager number. If not dial you're
      a bonehead and you have to dial your Pager number manually witht
      the Pocket Dialer.)

   6. Once your Pager answers and requests you to "[E]nter the number 
      you are dialing from at the tone," hit REDIAL on the phone. Once
      the phone has redialed, hang-up. 

   7. Beep-beep. Check your pager. You have just captured the last
      number dialed from that phone.

  Like I said, plain, simple, and cool enough to be in a James Cameron


  By the way, I've already been asked the Ingenious question: "how
  come you need a Pocket Dialer to do this? Why can't you just call your
  Pager and then hit Redial on the phone and Capture the Redial that
  way?" Well you can, but the only Number you'll be capturing is your
  own pager number you just dialed. (Duh!) If you wan't to Capture the
  redial you have to find away to dial a source which will decode the
  DTMF tones, and you have to be able to preserve the tones in the first 
  place. The closest alternative to the method described in this file,
  is to call your Pager on one phone in the house, and once your
  page answers, pick-up the phone you want to Capture from and hit
  Redial. This'll work fine, but you might have a little trouble
  remaining inconspicuous about the whole thing--running back and forth
  and all.


  Anyway, that's it. Thanx to Hades (IIRG-Net) for pointing out the
  obvious to me. Look for more oleBuzzard philez at kn0wledge phreak BBS
  or any UnionNET or IIRG-Net System

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