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The 1986 COSMOS Philes Part 3: Service Order Input

                   *                                     *
                   *        The 1986 COSMOS FILES        *
                   *    PART III: Service Order Input    *
                   *             Written by:             *
                   *                                     *
                   *            SIR WILLIAM              *
                   *              [KOTRT]                *
                   *                                     *

The 1986 COSMOS FILE series consists of 6 parts, including the
introduction, covering all major Service Orders, Work Orders, Reports,
Facility and Circuit Alteration, COSMOS-N/PREMIS transactions and a
complete list of all the facility prefixes.  The 1986 file series is
intended for the serious COSMOS hacker.  (Not too serious)

NOTE: The content of this material is proprietary and constitutes a trade
secret.  It is furnished pursuant to written agreements or instructions
limiting the extent of its disclosure.  Its further disclosure in any form
without the permission of its owner, Western Electric Co. Inc., is prohibited.
hi ho.

DISCLAIMER: I take full responsibility for all deaths, physical injuries,
emotional stress, and monetary damages as a result of this file.
Please send all claims to KOTRT Enterprises, P.O. Box 1223-232,
Wunderland, N. Ireland 928301


Under COSMOS software version 8.X there are new input procedures for SOE's.
Although these are mostly in the area of error handling, they require a bit
of discussion, seperate from the basic input.

Error Handling

Service order transactions interact with the user more frequently in REV
8.X.  Each time the transaction is ready for a new input, it will
respond with and underscore "_" at the beginning of the new line.  This
indicates that the preceding line is correct.

If an error does occur, the transaction will respond with an error
message and prompt for correction.  When an error occurs, you have 4

  1.  Re-enter the entire field correctly.
  2.  Enter line-feed to ignore, (checks rest of line)
  3.  Enter a ";" to disregard the present circuit.
  4.  Enter a "." the transaction will disregard all input, and exit.

H-LINE inputs.
H-LINE input for the service order trio SOE/CSA/TSA is being
rigidlydefined in 8.0 according to three categories.  These categorys
containfundamentally different types of order/facility information.

  Category 1: ORD, OT, DD, FDD,J OC, DT, SG, EO, LC
  Category 2: US, FEA, CCF, CAT, BTN, SS, AO, RZ, FR, GP/CG,
              CTX/CG/MG/NNX, LDN, RTI.
  Category 3: FW, RW

Category 1 it ms are primary, once defined they cannot be changed
by conflicting category 2, and 3 lines.


Transaction         Definition   ===========
======================   SOE              Service Order Input   TDZ
Telephone Number Assignment lists   LDZ              Line Equipment
Assignment list   SOH              Service Order withheld   SOM
Service Order Modification   SOC              Service Order Cancellation
SOW              Service Order Withdraw   SCM              Service Order
Completion by MDF   SCP              Service Order Completion by PAO
SCA              Service Order Completion - Automatic   SCF
Service Order Completion for MDF automatic   SCI              Spare
Cable pair inquiry   CDD              Change Due Date   BAI
Bridge Lifter Assignment Inquiry   LAI              Line Equipment
Assignment Inquiry   NAI              Telephone Numbers Assignment
Inquiry   TAI

         Tie pair assignment Inquiry   EDZ              Facility Emergency Assignment list for backup   MAP              Manual Assignment Parameters   MAL              Manual Assignment list   TSW              Total Service Order Withdraw                   ***************************************                           TRANSACTIONS DEFINED                   ***************************************SOE - Service Order Establishment    - Establishes a pending service order.  The types of orders are; NC, CD,      CH, F, T, SS, RS, R, RF.  Reassociations are treated as change orders.    - H-lines must contain ORD, DD, and OT.  Optional facilities; FW, RW, FDD      AO, FR, SG, and either DT or OC.    - I and O lines may contain; US, FEA, CP, OE, TN, RZ, NNX, PL, TP, TK, BL, #     SE, CON, MR, BTN, RC, RE, RT,STC, STN, STO, CCF, LCC, and RTI.    - ESS orders requiring coordination by the recent change input center may  #    be flagged with an input of "RW C".Example of a NC [New Connect]WC%

 SOEH ORD NCXXXXXX/DD 01-01-86/OT NC/FDD 02-05-86/DT AM_I CP XXXXX-XXXXXX/OE ?/TN ?/US 2FR/FEA RNNL_.Example of a CD [Complete Disconnect]WC% SOEH ORD CDXXXXXX/DD 01-01-85/OT CD_O TN 534-1822_.Example of a CH [Change]WC% SOEH ORD CHXXXXX/OT CH/DD 01-01-86/TN 534-1822_O TN 534-1822/STN CO_I TN ?_.Example of SS [Suspension]WC% SOEH ORD SSXXXXX/OT SS/DD 01-01-86_O TN 534-1822/SS SB_.TDZ - Telephone Number Assignments List    - List the indicated number of spare directory numbers for a NNX code, and      directory number type.    - Up to 25 directory numbers can be specified, using the prefix LC.ExampleWC% TDZH NNX 534/TT G/LC 7    (LC can be up to 25).Output example would look similar to this.**EMERGENCY FACILITY ASSIGNMENT LIST 01-01-86  RESERVED LINE EQUIPMENT**NO SPARE LINE EQUIPMENT FOUND  AVAILABLE DIRECTORY NUMBERS (7)534-XXXX534-XXXX, etc.**TRANSACTION COMPLETEDSOW - Service Order Withdraw    - Withdraws most recent version of a service order    - Order number must refer to the lat

est version.  The H-line circuit ID      identifys the order.  Valid circuit identifiers are; TN, XN, PL, CP, OE,      and TK.ExampleWC% SOWH ORD NC-XXXXX/TN 534-1822.SCP - Service Order Completion by PAO    - Record in the Service Order File the completion of an order by PAO    - Standard SXX H line input.ExampleWC% H ord CDXXXXXX/TN 534-1822.SCA - Service Order Completion Automatic    - Enters final completion on all service orders which have been or are      not requried to be completed by the MDF, are not in a held, or jeopardy      status, and are due prior to or on the current date.    - Two due dates may be entered on the H-line; SCA will complete orders due #     on or between the dates.  Additional options are OT (order type), ORD,      and SG.ExampleWC% SCA.          :complete all orders on or before this due dateExample2WC%SCAH DD 01-01-86/OT NC     :Complete all NC (new connect) orders.CDD - Change Due Date    - Change due date of a service or frame order    - I think an ex

ample will suffice;WC% CDDH ORD CH-XXXXXX/TN 534-1822I DD 01-01-86.output example**ORD CH-XXXXX  DUE DATE 01-01-86NAI - Telephone Number Assignment Inquiry    - Provides from 1 to 25 spare telephone numbers compatable with the      input specifications.    - Input is an H-line with the TN type and NNX or RZ entries. The status of      the TN supplied will be modified to reserved if ST is specified on the H-#     line.ExampleWC% NAIH TT X/NNX 534/ST RS.this shows first available spare in prefix 534.MAP - Manual Assignment Parameter    - Permits the PAO to establish the parameters that will constitute the PAO #     Open-of-Day report.WC% MAPI NNX 534/ECS 1R/EQF TNNL/LC 50, etc.   (for line equipment)I NNX 534/TT B/LC 10  (For Telephone numbers of type B, 10)etc.    ==============================================================     [C]OPYRIGHT 1986.  KOTRT ENTERPRISES.  WUNDERLAND, S. AFRICA    ==============================================================Downloaded from P-80 Systems.....


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