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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: confre~1.txt

Statik's Guide to Setting Up a Free Conference!

        | tatiK's guide to setting up a fone confrence!

  Shoutz to #2600 and - #dope
      all da phr3akerz and h4x0rz and pr0n lovers

What is a fone confrence you ask?  Well.. all hackers and phreakers on 
#2600 of dalnet set them up so they can discuss strategies and what not
courtesy of the fone'z owner. NOTE: THIS IS FRAUD.  I'm gonna explain
in this text how t0 setup a mad ereet f0ne conf..

6 E-ezy Stepz to setting a f0ne conf up.!

1.) fine a fone.. (COCOT) without the fone companies name in the bottom
left corner.  Find the payfone'z #  . also.. look for a PO Box or address
to the business just in case

2.) call at&t confrencing center at 1-800-232-1234 - be real polite. say
please and thank you and all that good stuff.  

3.) give all the info they ask for.. (most info you give will be fake)

4.) make it dial in.. a max of 15 users and a max of 23 hours.

5.) if the pay fone # isn't labled on the fone, dial a ani # on the fone
first, 1-800-346-0152


            -=- Copyright(C) StatiK enterprises '99 -=-
greetz to:   Mr_p00p
              Leesha :) hey sweets

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