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More Conferencing

<\/>:                            CONFERENCING                             :<\/>
<\/>:     Author:  The Mystery              Rewritten by:  The Sultan     :<\/>
In this volume of Cat-Hack I will tell you exactly how to make a conference 
call with up to 60 people. The equipment that you will need is either a blue
box or an apple CAT ][ modem.
To start off, call up any number in Canada and before it rings (when you here 
static) blow a 2600hz tone into the line. You should here two clicks and the
ringing should be gone, if not, blow it until it does. Now you should be in
what is called a trunk line or an operator trunk.
Now that you are in the trunk line you have to dial up a conference line so
that you can start the conference (only logical) so what you must do is hit
the Kp tone to start the dialing, these are the numbers you dial:
xxx = The area code of the conference line.
zzz = The exchange of the conference line.
Some conference lines go as follow:
Be sure that the numbers you dial are in multi-frequency!
Now you will get a recording saying something like "Welcome to Alliance tele-
conferencing in Los Angeles", or wherever, "Please entee the number of people
in the conference now".
From now on you don't have to use blue box tones, just the normal touch tone, 
to dial in whatever she asks. Here you will dial a number between 02 and 59,
that includes you too.
Then she will say something like this: "Please dial the parties you wish to be
in the conference now:"
Here dial the first person wish to be in the conference like this:
Easy, huh? Then the person will answer the phone and you will tell him or her
that they are about to be in a conference...
Just hit '#' after each number you call and you can dial the next number. Now 
that you have called everyone... you hit '#' without dialing any number, then
you will be talking to all the people in the conference. If you want to dial
more numbers hit '#' while in the conference, this will put back in control.
Remember, after you dial the people in the conference (you just dialed 1-888-
8888) talk to them, then hit the '#' key!!
To discoect everyone just blow in 2600hz and it should do the job..
Hope this helped you...
<\/>:  Author: The Mystery

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