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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: ccf.txt

Collect Calls Free

                            -[ Collect Calls Free ]-
                             -[ The Comic Strip! ]-
                               -[ 516.873.8903 ]-
                            -[ By Killer Beast... ]-

Well, ever in the need of calling home or someplace important? Well, New York
Telephone did the lamest thing ever. Other phone companies might of done the
same, I have no idea because I live in New York. Go to a payphone. Dial
"0xxx-xxxx". Now, you will get a digitized lady saying its New York Telephone
Automatic Telephone service. When you hear this crap, just hit 11 (It must be
a touch tone phone. Its also good to carry a Radio Shack Tone-Thingy.) Now
She'll ask for your name, well, in this 5 seconds, just say like the payphones
phone number so that they can call you back there for basically, free. Or
just say your little message like "Mom! Come pick me up!" or some shit like
that. You can hear the other end, but they can't hear you. That was another
mistake. With this, you can talk back and forth by calling back. Like he/she
talks, you hang up, call back and for the message say your reponse. All of
this should be planned ahead so everyone knows how to do this. Its also good
when your going to hang out with your friends.. Example..
<Dialtone>"0555-DUDE"<NYT shit -- Name is..>"Meet me at the school in 10.."
Operator says "This is New York Telephone, You have a collect call from
'Meet me at the school in 10.., will you accept?"
now, if you dippy friend says "yes", then he's a lamer. he should be like
"yeah, I'll be there" before she says "will you accept?". Hopefully you get
the idea. I found this very helpful most of the time.. Or, just use a Red Box.

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