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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: canningd.txt

Canning for Dollars

                          - Canning for Dollars -
                         - Written by Bad Sector -

   Ok, cans are almost always on exposed areas next to roads, no buts
   about it. This is because they are easily spotted and a piece of
   veritable piss to phreak off once in.


   1 - Telecom Can Key or facsimile
   2 - Hex wrench or Crescent (Adjustable wrench)

   Ok cans come in a few varieties, most common are 1 meter high or so
   cans, there are also 1.5meter monsters with handles to lift off the
   cylinder. Frac states that hardly any are pressurised anymore and that
   telco probably never bother chasing down depressurizations on cans, as
   they have a small alarm switch, so you are basically safe as houses,
   well maybe.
                        /       \
                       |___[o]___| <-- Lid with keyhole
                        |      .|
                        |     '.|
                        |     '.|
                        |     '.|  <-- Cylinder, grey in color
                        |     '.|
                        |     '.|
                        |     '.|
                        |     '.|      _________
                        |     '.|     |         \  <-- Bit like a telco
                        |     '.|     |o   --\/\/      key. <g>
                        |     '.|     |___/
                        |     ' |
                         \    '/

   Locate a can that is in a well hidden spot, bit of a search but worth
   finding. I suggest a small one as they are easier to handle. Use your
   telco key or a fake to turn the can lid lock and take the lid off.
   Then with the hex wrench or adjustable spanner just unscrew the bignut
   while holding the cylinder down, as it may fly up when depressurized.
   Ok, once in then you will see a number of racks of terminals, bit
   like pie segments all around the can.

   Rack diagram may be a bit incorrect.

                 Front View                              Top View
                   _oooo_ <--- Subscriber terminals     ___________
                   _oooo_                               \         /
                   _oooo_                                \_______/
                   _oooo_                      Metal spacers are also
                   _oooo_                      thoughtfully provided :)
                   _oooo_                      Same sorta shape.

   Simple really, hook up your alligator clips to the correct terminals.
   They are arranged horizontally I think. You might be able to listen
   to people chatting etc. depending on the hour, but according to all
   intelligence people most phone conversations are dead boring so don't

   The disadvantage of cans is they are usually almost next to a road
   and are a bit difficult to reassemble in a hurry as the NC crew found,
   but there is no chopping/damage involved so your chances of detection
   are minimal. Remember some poor suck picks up the bill for your calls
   so always use different pits and cans for safety, as they WILL
   complain to Telco about that $90 phone call to Upper Tanzania, and
   telco will probably check there first.

   Ok, that concludes the canning/pitting tutorial I guess. I've been as
   accurate as memory serves, no doubt I've made mistakes, but I don't
   take tape measures into pits and cans. I know there is new information
   there for ya all. :)

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