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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: callwait.txt

The Call Waiting Tap

*                                   *
+       THE CALL WAITING TAP        +
*                                   *
+       WRITTEN BY: The Byte        +
*                                   *
+    DISTRIBUTED BY:  Road Agent    +
  So, you have an enemy who talks behind your back, eh? Or, maybe you just would like to "listen" in on your friend's conversations? Well, if you have
2 phone lines and call waiting on one of them, you are in luck. (Only one
problem: your friend must also have call waiting!)
[1]  Call up your friend with the phone you want to listen with.  When he
     answers call waiting (he's already on the phone, and you are the 2nd
     caller), then you either sit there or say: sorry, I have the wrong #.
[2]  Next, you wait until he goes back to the other line (puts you on hold).
[3]  Then, pick up your other line and call ->YOUR<- call waiting.
[4]  Answer call waiting
[5]  Then go back to him. (Answer, and then click back.. Click ->2<- times
     Answer, and go back..)
[6]  Hang up your second line
[7]  You are now on the line!
[8]  Listen and be Q U I E T ! He can hear you!
Techniques I use to prevent noise or confusion:
If you have call forwarding, turn it on and forward calls somewhere
before you start listening. If a call comes through on your call waiting circuit, the people talking (your buddie and his pal) will not hear
anything, but after you answer call waiting and come back, they will
hear the other call hang up (two clicks). If you don't have call forwarding,
I suggest you get it if you are going to make a habit of this, because it
will become a major pain in the ass. When your call waiting rings, you are
removed from the "listening" conversation and placed back on his hold
circuit. In order to get back on, you must answer the phone and wait for
your party (when you answer the phone, tell the guy you are in a hurry and
you have to go or you'll call him back later or something) to hang up. When
he or she hangs up, you will be back on the conversation. Then, one of your
pals will say: What was that? (because of the clicks).. So, try to use call
forwarding if you can. Remember: Have fun, and don't abuse it. I am not sure
about it, because I just discovered it. It is illegal (what isn't these days)
because it is "invading privacy". I don't know if the phone company just did
not realize there was a flaw in it, or that was planned for line testing, I
am not sure.  Have fun!
-THE BYTE                              
=        Call These Systems         =
=                                   =
= 213-377-6108 Aftermath CF/1200AE  =
= 503-538-0761 MetalLand CF         =
= 907-338-3602 Ice Castle CF/20MEG  =
[ Be careful and remember in no way ]
[ am I responsible for your actions ]


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