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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: callatt.txt

How to make free calls with 1-800-Collect

The ever famous 1800callatt free call...
        so here it is, finally, you can make free payfone calls painlessly,
(if you have a coorperative frid) ok... so here is the drill... and a
simple one a that... call either 1800 call att or 1800 collect... does't
really matter.... go through the regular collect call drill and when it
tells you to say your name, follow this model. "hey, it's (your name here),
call me at (payfone # here)!" your friend hears this, hangs up and calls
you, if it's local, you have a free call.... this really rks.... It's a
process thought up by me and used often... note: Does not work with

/ |\ -- -- |\ |
\ |/ || || | \|
/ |  -- -- 

|\/| /\  |\ |
|  | --  | \|
    /  \

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