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Call Waiting Zapper

    The follwing item was found in the Aug. 1986 issue 
      of "PC-Magazine."  It was in the "User-To-User"
              column edited by Paul Somerson.

Call Waiting Zapper
     It's awfully annoying to have a long modem transmission 
suddently disrupted when a Call Waiting message blurts onto your 
line. Because of the potential damage to data, computer users 
who spend a lot of modem time have resisted signing up for this 
service, or have installed second lines for their systems.
     Mike Ossing of Columbus, Ohio, and Bill Pratt of Redmond, 
Washington, recently sent us notices from their local phone 
companies giving instructions for canceling Call Waiting on a 
call-by-call basis. To cancel the feature =before= you dial, as 
spelled out in the Ohio Bell brochure: "From a 12-button Touch-
Tone phone dial *70. From a rotary dial or 10-button Touch-Tone 
phone, dial 1170. Then dial the number you want to reach for a 
conversation that will not be interrupted by your Call Waiting 
     To cancel Call Waiting =during= a call (incoming or out- 
going): "Ask the party you're talking with to 'hold' for a 
moment. Press the receiver button and listen for the dial tone. 
From a 12-button Touch-Tone phone dial *70. From a rotary dial 
or 10-button Touch-Tone phone, dial 1170. Then, after you hear 
several bursts of tones, you will be reconnected automatically 
to the party who is waiting on 'hold'."
     Call Waiting turns itself back on after the canceled call 
finishes. And the phone company doesn't charge extra for 
canceling the service. If it doesn't work yet for your 
particular Call Waiting service, get in touch with your local 
phone company and complain.

    -- Addendum by Malcolm Franklin, Fountain Hills, AZ:

       The Dial command that I issue to my Hayes-compatible modem
( operating on a pulse - dialing line ) is AT DP 1170 , 123 4567
where 123 4567 is the number I wish to dial, and the comma tells the
modem to wait 2 seconds for a dial tone ( the plus "+" command would
not work with my modem ).

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