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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: bugdetct.txt

Bug Detection on Home Phones

      Bug Detection on Home phones

First of all to test for bugs, you
need a VOM (Multimeter) the higher
the impedance the better (a Digital
with FET circuitry or a Vacuum Tube
Volt Meter is the best).

First disconnect the phone line(s) AT
BOTH ENDS.  Undo the phone instrument
and hook it up to the entry point of
the phone line from the outside world
(Ma Bell does not like you cut her off
completely.)  The scheme is the physi-
cally isolate your house, apartment, etc
from the outside world.  But before you
do this measure the line voltage (It
should be approximately 48 Volts).

Now with the wires disconnected at both
ee set your resistance scale to a
high reading and measure the resistance
of the phone line, it should be very
high on the order of million ohms or
more, this is the normal condition,
since you are measuring the resistance
of an open circuit. If it is much less,
say 50-100Kohms then you a device on
the line that does not belong there,
probably a parallel bug.

Now twist the end of the disconnected
wire and go to the other end and
measure the resistance of this.  This
resistance should be about one ohm or
two at the most in a big house with a
lot of phones.  If it is more, then
you probably have a series bug.

If in the first case, taking parallel
measurements using a meter (not LED/
LCD) and you notice a "kick" in the
needle, you probably have a line tap

Now if you also make a measurement with
the wire end twisted together and you
notice the resistance reads about
1-2kohms, then you may have a drop-out
relay.  A drop-out relay is a relay
that senses a phone going off hook, and
signals a tape recorder to start record-

Another test to do with the phones still
hooked up to the outside world, on hook
voltage is about 48 Volts and off hook
is about 6-10 Volts.  Any other con-
ditions may mean telephone surveillance.

If you use a Wide Range Audio frequency
generator and call you house, apartment,
etc. from another phone and sweep up and
down the spectrum, and you notice the
phone answers itself somewhere in the
sweep you probably have an infinity
transmitter on your line.

The above information tells nothing
aut TELCO taps at the central office,
or anywhere else along the line, but
this informsation may tell you that your
wife, girlfriend(boyfriend), or business
associate may be monitoring your phone

An Infinity transmitter, is a neat device
It allows you to call the bugged place
and it shuts off the ringer and defeats
the switchhook, so the mouthpiece now
becomes a room bug.  It was orginally
sold from the travelling business man
to make sure his wife was safe at home
not being attacked (or fucking her
boyfriend behind his back).

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