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Rebuttal of "The Scariest Number In The World"

From Mon Jan 21 05:07:02 2002
Newsgroups: alt.phreaking
Subject: Re: The Scariest Number In The World...
From: "-No Strezzz Cazzz" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 14:07:02 +0100

destrux wrote in message ...
>your point being?

You should really learn how to quote properly.

My point is this:

This is a story from 2600 Magazine. A magazine thats probably more read by
FBI, CIA, NSA, whatever, then by the phr4ck3rs itself.

If you would print the phone number in there for the presidents bombshelter
(up to 3 digits accurate), do you really think that the number (if correct)
would remain unchanged? Even when it wasn't published in 2600 mag, they
probably changed (change!) that number once (lets say) 90 days.

My guess is that they changed the number on all area-codes the very same day
they received the issue, or maybe even long before!

No doubt that this is a very cool story, but I don't think its very credible
for the following reasons:

#  The uncle shouting at his nephew "ITS THE PRESIDENTS BOMBSHELTER". Now
thats great, but if he almost got fired for asking about it, thats not very

#  The presidents bombshelter being connected to the PSTN. In those days it
was most likely connected to the AUTOVON network (or something similair).

#  The operator not willing to tell what the number is leading to. In this
case any caller (phr34k) would only be suspicious, and focus on that number
to find out what it belongs to. I bet the 'real' bombshelter (if connected
to the POTS at all) would get answered by "whizzbang paperclip factory, how
may I help you?".

#  Its a nice touch that in the story the shelter was accessible from most
area-codes. But as you may know, if (lets say in a nuclear war) a largely
populated area gets smashed (and lets assume it will), the COMPLETE phone
network will fail due to simply being overflowed. I read an interesting
story about this once in ICE magazine.

# I could go on a little longer, but I guess you get my point. Its a very
cool story, it gives me goosebumps every time I read it, but I just don't
think its likely.

-No Strezzz Cazzz

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