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On the AXE-10
STATION ID - 7047/3.12

9x Datakit Network

This is a 9x system, restricted to authorized persons and for
official 9x business only. Anyone using this system, network or data
is subject to being monitored at any time for system administration and
for identifying unauthorized users or system misuse. Anyone using this
system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that any
evidence of criminal activity revealed through such monitoring may be
provided to law enforcement for prosecution.

15-05-2000 Phreaks Own The System

y0 this is some tools in  axe,  traffic gennerators, some nice software that is wery difficult to find, its really phreaking warez i got some of them so if somebody is realy in to axe-10 and knows a lot about it email me i always need some help with this...This FIOL program is really c00l it connects u direct to the man-machine but when you get in there u must know what to do. Also a wery small description of axe ..Axe is my favorite system because its wery huge and difficult to explore and wery wery secure i dont want to damage it i just want to explore i have something to do i hope some people are in to this to and find this shit usefull...

Here in Greece our phone company is OTE and it runs AXE-10 and ESWD under the
licence of Intracom....

AXE-10 (small introduction)

AXE-10 is a telephone system brought to us by Ericsson. This is what we use in
greece in combination with ESWD(siemenz).
The 3 letters AXE dont really stand for anything its just a code. AXE is a
computer controled system and it is comprized
of both hardware and software. Computer controlled system also called SPC
(stored program control) the fact that AXE is SPC-system meaning that it is
controled by 2 central mainframes and about 200 smaller.
AXE-10 works as
-local station
-mobile telephone station
-world wide station

AXE is compatible with other systems world wide and with PSTN.
The harware for AXE is called APT which controls the traffic sections ind is
comprised of four subsystems:
- Subscriber Switching SubSystem (SSS)
- Group Switching SubSystem (GSS)
- Trunk and signalling subsystem (TSS)
- Common Channel Signalling SubSystem (CCS)

APT is also comprised of some software SubSystems:
- Operation and Maintainnance SubSystem (OMS)
- Subscriber Services SubSystems (SUS)
- Network Management SubSystem (MMS)

Sofware run by the AXE station computers is stored in a system called APZ and is
the control system in an AXE station. It is comprised of:
- Central Processor SubSystem (CPS)
- Regional Processor SubSystem (RPC)
- Maintainnance SubSystem (MAS)
- Support Processor SubSystem (SPS)
- Data Communication SubSystem (DSC)
- File Management SubSystem (FMS)
- Man-Mascine Communication SubSystem (MCS)

Phreaking possibilities
AXE has made it difficult for us phreakers because its full digital C7 and we
can not use BlueBoxing and BlackBoxing any more. This leaves us with BeigeBoxing
but is irrelevant to the AXE (it is just a way to connect to another's telephone
line) so we cannot count it as a bug.
Of course there certainly are bugs in AXE. The problem is that AXE is a very
secure system and in order to discover any bugs you need to work as a telephone
operator or get them through the phone company (OTE). Exploits for these bugs
are created within days or weeks .


Name                Product No.         Description


AUTOSIS             CRL 112 05          AUTOSIS is a test system (PC-program)

                                        for creating and executing automated

                                        Test Instructions (TIs).


DIGITAL MULTIMETER  ZTE 370 06 *)       Digital multimeter for general



FIOL                CRL 112 01          A PC for interactive man-machine




LATTI BUZZER        LTR 129 02 *)       Miniature circuit tester for installation

                                        and maintenance.


MAID                LPY 111 07          A PC tool with support

                   (CRL 117 03)         programs for Start up of IOG11,

                                        SSS-D, GSD and test of IOG11 and

                                        test of RPEM.



MFC DISPLAY         ZTFK 762 15/1 *)    Multifrequency display for dynamic testing

                                        and monitoring of MFC signalling system.


PAD                 LPB 106 08/1 *)     PCM Adapter for analogue-digital

                                        conversion of test traffic.


PCM TEST SET        ZTL 10214 *)        ELMI EPM11. PCM Signal Monitor for routine

                                        maintenance, field service and installation

                                        test on 30-channel PCM switching and

                                        transmission systems.


PELF                CRL 117 02          PELF is a tool for test of SE-equipment

                                        and SULT-functions.


Name                Product No.         Description


TLS-ISBA            CRL 301 1018        Traffic Load Simulator.-ISDN basic

                                        access is a separate system integrated

                                        subsystem to be used for function and

                                        system test of AXE exchanges having

                                        Basic Access interfaces for handling

                                        2B+D ISDN traffic.



TLS-ISPA            CRL 301 1016        Traffic Load Simulator -ISDN Primary

                                        Rate Access. For AXE exchanges having

                                        Primary Rate Access interfaces for hand-

                                        ling 30B+D ISDN traffic.


TLS-S               CRL 301 1009        Traffic Load Simulator Digital Subscriber

                                        Switch. For AXE exchanges equipped with

                                        digital subscriber switches.



TLS-T               CRL 301 1010        Traffic Load Simulator trunk. Generates

                                        transit traffic.



TOOLSET             LTT 34601 *)        Toolset for test group. Includes LATTI,

                                        DMM, Soldering iron and more.
                    *) This is just an example of one product.

                       Similar products can be used.

                       The availability can not be guaranteed.

Name                Product No.         Description


BUST                LPB 109 32/1        Bulk subscriber tester is used to

                                        simulate subscriber traffic.

                                        BUST is is implemented in PC SW and

                                        uses an SLI-32 magazine. BUST is

                                        a PC controller for the SLI 32 HW.


IGEN                CNL 301 1110        ISDN traffic generator. IGEN is

                                        a software package that works

                                        together with MITEL's ISDN

                                        EXPRESS CARD on an IBM compatible

                                        PC 386 and upward.



INTE                *NOT released*      Released as LiTE


LiTE                CAL 126 386/1       Live Traffic Emulator (LiTE) is a

                                        PC based traffic generator primarily

                                        targeted for uncovering problems,

                                        related to subscriber services

                                        (normal and Intelligent Network

                                        types). The hardware is the same

                                        as BUST (LPB 109 32/1).



MSTG                CRL 301 1020        Mobile Subscriber Traffic Generator (MSTG)

                                        for testing of mobile telephone exchanges

                                        (MTXs) in the Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT)

                                        system, both NMT450 and NMT900.



PCSLI               CRL 301 1025        Subscriber traffic generator for

                                        analogue traffic. The SW is loaded

                                        on a PC and the HW can be either a

                                        SLI-32 magazine in the AXE shelf or

                                        a PEST card in the PC.



PEST                CRL 117 01          A small traffic generator controll

                                        by a PC. The HW - PEST card is

                                        mounted in the PC. Upto 16 AXE

                                        lines can be connected per card and

                                        upto 4 cards per PC can be mounted.

Name                Product No.         Description


XPRICE              LPB 123 01/1        Traffic generator for ISDN Basic

                                        and primary rate access. The tool

                                        is based on the Mitel Xpress card.


UPSim               CRL 301 1023        UPSim (User Part Simulator) is a

                                        user part / application part

                                        simulator. UPSim is used for

                                        testing, verification,

                                        installation, and maintenance of

                                        telephony networks and exchanges.

                                        UPSim needs an UNIX PC.

Name                Product No.         Description


ITU                 LPB 109 33          Installation Test Utilities.

                                        A toolbox of ready to use PC-programs.


MGTS                ?                   Message Generator Traffic Simulator

Name                Product No.         Description

EMON                LPB 110 01/1        EMON is a family of traffic generators,
                                        using SLI-magazines, for use in various
                                        phases of testing.


Name                Product No.         Description


ACH                 CAL 126 113         ACH is a PC-tool for correction

                                        handling. It may also be used for

                                        Trouble Report handling. It works as

                                        a text editor as well as a database

                                        for documents. It offers some special

                                        features to transfer and/or adapt



ASTLIB              CAL 115 301         ASTLIB is a library at LMEL mainframe for

                                        test instructions/test programs for

                                        testing on Application System level.

                                        ASTLIB also supports AS Test Planning

                                        and Library Specification of the H-module.

                                        Useful at AS Test Design as well.


CDD                 CAL 126 114         CDD is a PC based tool that compares

                    LZY 201 411         the correction status between a

                                        reference dump and a working dump.


COAPS (PC)          CNL 301 1073        The program COAPS makes it possible to

      (WS, APZ-P2)  CAA 139 1132        locate every CP and EMRP software unit

                                        that has passed a certain, specified

                                        limit value for program store, used

                                        correction area and faults per kilo-

                                        word, and to take necessary action in

                                        time. The tool is used at AS Assembly.


                                        list with implemented products and

                                        corrections in an application system.


SRH-SP              CAL 126 513         The same as SRH but for SP programs.


XLCONV              CNL 116 14          XLCONV is a PC based tool for convert-

                                        ing the loading information for an AXE

                                        module from an IBM format (APS) to a

                                        loadable AXE format.

Information gathered from "thrashing" yeah u can find gold in thrash!!

TS/ND-92:204 and "Tool/process/project cross reference


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