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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: austphrk.txt

Phreaking in Australia

>>>>>>>>>>>> Introduction <<<<<<<<<<<<
This  tutorial  will  be  focusing on  the  'phone  side  of
hacking.  I will include numbers,  passwords, and other bits
of  interesting info that I have picked up during my  career
as one of the >ELITE< hackers here in Australia. I will also
include information on the American 'Telenet' system, though
I  regret  I have no password (yet) for the Midas  data-link
system. Well, now, onto the juicy stuff.. here goes..
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dial Locks <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Have  you  ever been into an office,  and  found  that  some
barstard  has  put  a dial lock so that the  dial  can't  be
turned? Well, you can use that phone, it's just a bit harder
than normal.  What you have to do, is pick up the phone, and
press  the  receiver  button >RAPIDLY< the number  of  times
needed for that digit.  For example,  to dial 762-1582,  you
would  press  the receiver button 7  times,  pause,  then  6
times,  pause,  then  2 times,  etc.  Make sure you do  this
quickly and evenly.  Practice on your own number, and you'll
get an engaged tone when you succeed. Good luck!
>>>>>>>>>> Exchange Scanning <<<<<<<<<<
Have  you ever wondered about those 11 numbers?  Like  11612
for Bible Readings, etc. Ever noticed that those numbers are
not sequential?  Ever wondered what lies in between? Well, I
wondered about that once too,  so here is a list I have made
of all the 11 and 01 numbers.. Here goes..
01 numbers:
0100        ISD enquiries
0101        International bookings
0102        International enquiries
0103        Directory assistance - International
0104-0105   STD error message
0106        not connected
0107        operator
0108        Booking + enquries - ships at sea
0109        tones (for testing?)
011         Trunk bookings
012         Trunk enquiries
013         Directory assistance
014         not connected
015         Telegrams
016         not connected
0170        Directory assistance - other states
0171        not connected
0172        #8
0173        Wakeup and reminder calls
0174        Telegram enquiries
0175        Directory assistance - STD
0176        "Number Please"
0177        "Can I help you"
0178-0179   not connected
018         #8
0190 <<<<<< see below
0191        not connected
01921       Austpac - 300 baud
01922       Austpac - 1200/75
01923       Austpac - Videotext
01924       not connected
01925-01926 Austpac
01927       not connected
01928       #8
01929       not connected
0193        not connected
0194        not connected
01950       not connected
01951       Austpac - 300 baud
01952       Austpac - 1200/75
01953       Austpac - Videotext
01954       not connected
01955-01956 Viatel - 1200/75
01957       not connected
01958       #8
01959       not connected
11 numbers:
1100        Difficulties and faults
1101        engaged
1102        engaged
1103 <<<<<< see below
1104        Difficulties and faults - Mobile Telephones
1105        engaged
1106        engaged
1107        Difficulties and faults - 008 Lessees
1108        #8
1109        engaged
1110-1129   not connected
1130        ringback
1131-1132   operators
1133-1135   not connected
1136        ringback
1137-1138   not connected
1139        Re-direction number
11400-11409 not connected
11410-11429 operators
11430-11439 not connected
11440       faint not connected
11441       Fire Brigade
11442-11443 faint not connected
11444       D24 Police
11445       faint not connected
11446       not connected
11447       faint not connected
11448       #8
11449-11489 not connected
11490-11499 operators
11500       Bass credit bookings
11501-11502 Stock exchange reports
11503-11507 not connected
11508       #8
11509       not connected
11510       ringback
11511       Stock exchange A-H
11512       not connected
11513       Stock exchange Industrials
11514       not connected
11515       3XY competition line
11516       not connected
11517       Stock exchange I-Z
11518       Motor rego information
11519       not connected
11520       Pools results
11521       Tattslotto results
11522       Bass credit bookings
11523-11524 not connected
11525       Magpie hotline
11526-11530 not connected
11531       Ring-a-recipe
11532       not connected *
11533       not connected
11534       Financial speaking
11535       Dial-a-champ
11536       3AK Garden line
11537       not connected
11538       Quit Smoking
11539       not connected
11540       Fire restrictions
11541       Boating weather
11542       not connected
11543       not connected *
11544       Thredbo news
11545       VSA snowline
11546-11549 not connected
11550       Eyewitness news phone poll
11551       Passenger shipping
11552-11557 Eyewitness news phone poll
11558       not connected
11559       Eyewitness news phone poll
11560       Dial-a-pet
11561       Telecom loans  1-10 (free call)
11562       Telecom loans 11-16 (free call)
11563       Telecom loans 17+   (free call)
11564-11565 not connected
11566       operator
11567       not connected
11568       1985 Ford Aust. open
11569       not connected
11570       Green phone tone info
11571       Holiday ideas
11572       ringback
11573       Police Advisory Line
11574-11576 ringback
11577       Dial-a-restaurant
11578       ringback
11579       Mt Buller ski line
11580-11584 not connected
11585       150th hotline
11586-11587 not connected
11588       3XY musicline
11589-11598 not connected
11599       Disco hotline
11600       Riceline
11601-11607 ringback
11608       #8
11609       Defence force
11610       Dial for new help
11611       Dial-a-prayer
11612       Bible readings
11613       Hailey's comet
11614       Childrens stories
11615       not connected *
11616       Share market
11617-11620 not connected
11621       not connected *
11622       Cash and card
11623-11624 not connected
11625       Investment news
11626       Eyewitness news phone poll
11627       not connected *
11628       Eyewitness news phone poll
11629       Life be in it
11630       Stereo AM
11631 <<<<< see below
11632 <<<<< see below
11633       out of order
11634       not connected
11635       Dial-a-horoscope
11636-11637 not connected
11638       Holiday travel line
11639-11642 not connected
11643       EON-FM Live wire
11644-11649 not connected
11650       Tel-law
11651       not connected
11652       Home security
11653-11655 not connected
11656       not connected *
11657-11658 not connected
11659       keeps on ringing..
11660       Penguin Vic
11661       Dial-a-record
11662-11663 not connected
11664       not connected *
11665       Maggi kitchen line
11666       Dial-it info
11667-11669 not connected
11670       Holiday line (for Queensland?)
11671       Leisure line
11672       Eyewitness news phone poll
11673-11675 not connected
11676       Eyewitness news phone poll
11677       Santa line
11678       not connected
11679       New Zealand line
11680       Hoyts Drive in
11681       Entertainment hotline
11682       Medical information
11683-11685 not connected
11686       not connected *
11687       not connected
11688       3XY gig guide
11689-11692 not connected
11693       not connected *
11694-11695 not connected
11696       Wedding scene
11697-11699 not connected
>>>>>>>>>>> An explanation <<<<<<<<<<<
Now  to  explain some of my  (cryptic?)  notes.  Any  number
marked 'operator' answers with 'Telecom, what number are you
calling?'.  If there are words in quotes,  then that is what
she said instead.  'not connected' is the usual message, but
if it has a asterisk (*) after it,  then it was a male voice
(they are normally female voices).
Now, onto some of the more exciting of these numbers. As you
can  see,  Telecom actually does not hide much,  but some of
what  is hidden is quite interesting.  For example there  is
0109 which gives a tone,  then goes dead.  When you tap  the
receiver button, or dial a number, it repeats the tone. Very
weird  indeed!  Now,  how about the five million 'Eyewitness
news  poll'  lines.  I always thought they had only  two  or
three!  But more interesting is the 'Green phone tone  info'
number  (11570).  It goes though the different tones that  a
'Green  phone'  (the type you put money into)  makes..  very
interesting..  you  could probably use this info to build  a
'fuzz box'.  (a box which simulates the dropping of a  coin,
by sending the right frequency out a speaker,  which is held
next  to  the mouthpiece of a 'Green phone'..  the  exchange
thinks  you are putting money in..  hehe!) There are  a  few
extra  stock exchange numbers (11501,  11502 and 11616)  but
they don't really excite me.
Now,  for you astronomy fans, how about the 'Hailey's comet'
line on 11613.  Gives scientific info, and other such stuff.
How come Telecom never told us about that one? eh?
>>>>>>>>>>>> #8 exchanges <<<<<<<<<<<<
Right,  you may be asking, what about those numbers I marked
above  with  '<<<<<  see below'?  Well,  if you  dial  those
numbers,  all you get is nothing,  but it is my belief  that
they could (possibly) be loops!  What I will have to do,  is
get  my  friends  each  to dial one,  then  see  if  anybody
connects. If not, then these are just dud numbers.
Note  that some of these numbers are for  recorded  messages
that are only activated during certain times..
Almost  forgot  two  other things.  The #8 numbers  and  the
ringback numbers.  #8 is LOTS of fun.  When you dial it  up,
all  you  get  a series of long beeps,  but if  you  have  a
multimeter, or (like I had) an auto-answer unit connected to
the line, you will notice that after each beep, the polarity
of the line changes over. Now, at Telecom, when the polarity
changes,  you  are  charged  for one metered  call  (ie:  16
cents).  If you ring this number up, it costs you about $5 a
minute!  hehe!  One  Telecom technician made the mistake  of
leaving  it on once,  over lunch (he was testing  somebodies
line)  and  this persons bill  went  up  $300!  hahaha!  The
numbers  listed as #8 are most likely these sort of  numbers
(I  didn't  hang  about long to find out),  but I  have  two
numbers which are definate #8 numbers. They are:
            8008        For Balwyn area
            6308        Should work for all Melbourne
>>>>>>>>>> Ringback numbers <<<<<<<<<<
Right,  then there are ringback numbers.  These are  numbers
which  you dial,  and then hang up,  and they ring you back.
Most of the ringback numbers listed will not work.  Some are
only for certain areas,  others are not properly  connected.
The numbers I have which do work, are:
            8000        For Balwyn area
            859899      For North Balwyn
            199         For Doncaster/Templestowe area
            2200        For ?? area
Note  that  199 is the most common.  If you live in an  area
other than the above listed,  then try that one, or 2200 (if
you are desperate.. don't know what areas for that one)
Another ringback number I have is a bit different.  When  it
rings you back, rather then getting "ring-ring, pause, ring-
ring",  etc,  it just keeps ringing "riiiiiiiinnnnnggg".  It
never stops until you answer!! hehe!!
            8007        For Balwyn area
Note  that  most  ringback numbers give a low  purring  type
noise when you dial them,  wait a second or two,  then  hang
up.  When  you  answer the phone (after it rings) you get  a
tone until you hang up.  On 8007,  however,  after  dialling
there  is nothing,  and when you answer the phone (after  it
rings) there is also nothing.
>>>>>>>>> Charge call meters <<<<<<<<<
Charge call meters are used to detect whether or not you are
being charged for a call. Ever been told about a number by a
friend,  'Oh yes,  it's free, call it up all the time..' and
never known whether it WAS free or not? Well, construct your
own 'Charge call meter' and find out..
**NOTE**  In  the Box Hill area,  where the  new  touch-tone
lines  have  been installed,  some other method is  used  to
detect whether a call has been charged for or not,  but this
should work in most areas anyway.
All  you  need is an old meter of some kind (doesn't  really
matter  where  from)  and you connect  one  wire  from  each
terminal  of the meter to each of the two phone line  wires.
If you connect it up,  and the meter moves up full, then you
have  the  polarity wrong,  switch the wires around and  try
again..  If the phone does not work correctly with the meter
connected, then you have a meter which has too much drain on
the lines, try again with another meter.
When you have it all going,  then dial away.  When the meter
hits  the right hand side of the dial,  then you  have  been
charged.  To test it out,  dial 6308 and watch the meter. It
should  look like a windshield wiper.  **WARNING** Don't  do
this for too long! It is expensive! (about $5 per minute!)

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