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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: at_tcard.txt

AT&T Carding

                             Phreaking AT&T Cards

    My topic will deal with using an AT&T calling card for automated calls. Ok
to place a call with an AT&T card, lift the handset (PAY PHONE) hit (0) and the
desired area code and the  number to call. Also when calling the same number
that the card is being billed to you enter the phone number and at  the tone
only enter the last four digits on the card. But we don't want  to do that now,
do we. If additional calls are wanted all you do is hit the (#) and you will
get a new dial tone! After you hit (#) you do not have to  re-enter the calling
card number  simply enter your desired number and it will connect you.
    If the number you called is busy just keep hitting (#) and the number to be
called until you connect! Ok to calL the U.S. of a from another country, you
use the exact same format as described above!
    Ok now I will describe the procedure for placing calls to a foreign
country, such as CANADA,RUSSIA,SOUTH AMERICA, etc.. Ok first lift the handset
then enter (01) + the country code + the city code + the local telephone
number. Ok after you get the tone enter the AT&T calling card number. Ok if you
can not dial operator assisted calls from your area don't worry just jingle the
operator and she will handle your call, don't worry she can't see you!
    The international number on the AT&T calling card is used for calling the
US of A from places like RUSSIA, CHINA you never know when you might get stuck
in a country like those and you have no money to make a call! The international
operator will be able to tell you if they honor the AT&T calling card.
    Well I hope that this has straightened out some of your problems on the use
of an AT&T calling card! All you have to remember is that weather you are
placing the call or the operator, be careful and never use the calling card
from your home phone!! That is a BIG NO NO..

    Also AT&T has came out with a new thing called (NEW CARD CALLER SERVICE)
they say that it was designed to meet the public's needs! These phones will be
popping up in many place such as airport terminals, hotels, etc... What the new
card caller service is, is a new type of phone that has a  (CRT) screen that
will talk to you in a language of your choice. The  service works something
like this, when you find a (NEW CARD CALLER PHONE), all you do is follow the
instructions on the (CRT) screen, then you insert the (NEW CARD CALLER CARD)
and there is a strip of magnetic tape on the card  which reads the number, thus
no one can hear you saying your number or if there were a bug in the phone,no
touch tones will be heard!! You can also bill the call to a third party. that
is  one that I am not totally clear on yet! The phone is supposed to tell you
how it can be done. That is after you  have inserted your card and lifted the

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