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AT&T booklet on toll fraud prevention


  a nice woman from AT&T (now LUCENT) gave me a booklet at CeBiT '96, it is
  directed to businesses running an AT&T system.       ...plasmoid deep/thc




  protect your business from thieves stealing your telecommunication service
  telecommunications fraud is a serious problem. and growing worse daily.
  telecom thieves have solen billions from businesses like yours. and you may
  not find out until too late.



    telecommunications fraud is a serious industrywide problem. and the
    criminals that commit this crime are always inventing new fraudulent
    schemes. at&t gbcs is dedicated to helping protect you, our customer. we
    have done more to battle toll fraud than anyone in our industry. our
    aggressive measures have reduced losses to our customers by 90 percent
    since 1991!

     - at&t gbcs pioneered net security monitoring.
     - at&t was the first telecom service provider to provide real-time
       intervention for customers experiencing telecommunications fraud.
     - our security engineers are the best in the industry.
     - at&t gbcs service agreement stands alone in the industry with security
       screening enhancements supported by expert-system technology.
     - and now, our service agreement is first in the industry to offer
       indemnification at no extra charge to customers who partner with us in



    these crooks are out to steal your telecommunications service. they are
    sophisticated and resourceful professional thieves with lots of tricks
    for breaking into an unsecured system.
    if your system is not secure, telecom crooks can:

     - reprogram it to make international and other long-distance calls. in a
       short time, they can hit you for thousnads in fraudulent charges.
     - steal your most valuable trade secrets.
     - use your long-distance for their illegal activities -like drug dealing-
       that can' be traced back to them.

    telecommunication fraud is happening to companies every day. if it happens
    to you, it can cost more than money. it can disrupt your operations and
    turn away your customers!



    we are ready to work with you to protect you from these threats. we are
    committed to continued world-class fraud protection through education,
    prevention and intervention.



    employee awareness and education are essential to securing your system.
    otherwise, security measures can seem like an unnecessary inconvenience.
    at&t gbcs offers:

     - instructor-led training for system administrators at our gbcs leraning
       center in denver.
     - a self-paged individualized learning program to help your staff develop
       and implement a sound system security plan. includes a videotape and
       gbcs security handbook.
     - a gbcs security video with valuable information your employees can use
       to recognize and defend against toll fraud.



     system security features

      - for both large and small sysetms, gbcs has designed world-class
        security features that prevent unauthorized access and egress and
        provide reporting and monitoring.

     at&t gbcs service agreement indemnity enhancement

      - our partnership with you to combat fraud as part of your AT&T DEFINITY
        or MERLIN LEGEND service agreement. if you commit to specific require-
        ments for secure administration, we will indemnify you from fraud. we
        believe in the security features of out products and will prove it.
        for information, contace at&t sales representative.

     at&t gbcs security audit service

      - a consultative service conducted by security engineers from our world
        class technical service center. these experts will audit your systems
        and recommend measures that enable you to secure these systems against
        potential fraud. to learn more call 800 THC-dEEP.

     at&t gbcs HACKERTRACKER software

      - a software application that connects to at&t' call accounting system
        (CAS plus version 3). hackertracker uses information gathered by the
        call accounting the system to continually monitor all incoming and
        outgoing calls and alerts security or systems administrator when it
        detects activity that may signal toll fraud. call your at&t customer
        representative to learn more.

     at&t gbcs Remote Port Security Device (RPSD)

      - a state-of-art system that protects against unauthorized acces to
        administration and maintenance ports, including unauthorized CTI
        (LAN/WAN) access.

     at&t NetPROTECT services

      - a series of services that monitor the at&t network for usage anoma-
        lies. some netprotect services limit customer liability for charges
        incurred when toll fraud occurs. for information on at&t netprotect
        offers call, 800-THC-dEEP.



     at&t gbcs's fraud intervention service is ready to offer immediate
     support if you suspect toll fraud. they are just a phone call away at
     800-THC-dEEP for DEFINITY PBX and voice mail systems, and at 800 THC-dEEP
     for SYSTEM 25, MERLIN and PARTNER communications systems.


     this is all the booklet includes, anyway i have to blow some nice greetz
     into the nocturnal air. greetz fly to:

      - wilkins - for all the fun at the lucent stand with our sweet at&t girl
      - van hauser - for struggeling with the damn thc-scan-intro routines ;)
      - dr. fraud - we were still not brave enough to create the acetonperoxid
      - analyst - for not being personal present at the cebit 96 but auditial
      - the q, mindmaniac - for hanging around out at the cebit party place
      - toutlaws - for being a member of "tief" even if you don't want to!
      - the search - last but not least berlin rocks more than any other city
      - cyz - for not finishing the download-ratio routine in conference 12
      - tank 4 - for your adlib routines, there is nothing better on earth
      - berlin demo scene - for becoming world elite soon, very soon, very...

                                                          ...plasmoid deep/thc


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