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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: allitc.txt

Alliance Teleconferencing


               a l l i a n c e    t e l e c o n f e r e n c i n g 

 Well, I had to scrap the first version of this because it just wasnt good enough.  Why just
 give out information contained in every other text file out there?  Well I'm not gonna do it
 not a chance.  So heres whats up with alliance teleconferencing.  According to the ops they
 have no idea about when it came into exsistence,  I have seen textfiles about it dating 
 back to early 80's so i'm assuming it was right around that time.  It was created with
 the businessman in mind.  What better way to contact your partners in chicago, detroit and
 l.a. without paying ridiculous fees?  Well in my opinion thier still ridiculous since the
 charge is currently 57 cents per minute per port ( or line used to call whoever ). 


 There have been many changes in Alliance since its startup.  Originally there were more than 
 15 dedicated #'s for dial in.  0-700-456-1000 through 1006 then 2000-2006 and others that
 were undocumented by anything I was able to find.  Since that time only four remain in tact
 and fully functional.  According to the ops at alliance 0-700-456-1000 is the only # to call
 to get an automated connection.  When I told the op the other three #'s she simply said she
 wasn't familiar with those #'s and got REAL quiet.  She was located in Burmingham when pressed
 about the location of the dialup's started to get a bit rude.  I was just curious?! So I
 asked her about other services etc. etc..  After a little prying she told me that 1000 
 forwards the call to the next available circuit.  So listed below is a list of all the 
 numbers I scanned looking for Alliance that were possibilities or working #'s.  

        0-700-456-1000  up 	
                 -1001  up	 
                 -1004  busy 
                 -1005  n/a from this calling area                
                 -1006  n/a from this calling area
                 -1007  n/a from this calling area
         	 -2001  up 		 
         	 -2003  up 
                 -2004  busy

 1000 as you now know is the main line for call-in's and forwards to first available circuit I
 have seen text files saying it's located in chicago but that can't be verified, I have also
 read that 1002 is located in l.a. but despite many attempts the ops at alliance dont seem to
 have any clue where thier hardware is at.  1004 has been busy every time I called as has 2004
 but that dosent mean they will be forever or for that matter tomorrow.  1005 through 1007 give
 me the n/a so they will work in other places.  I'm in the 573 area code so they might work
 as close as 314 for all I know,  definately worth a dial at any rate.  2001 and 2003 are up
 and seem to work fine despite alliance claims that they know of no such #. hmm. Interesting
 enough they drop off comepletely after 2004 and I scanned all the way up to 7000.  Now that
 you know where to call your probably getting trigger happy,  glance through operations before
 you make that call.

 There is also another Alliance service that I havent seen any info on at all anywhere.  Its
 operator run and it allows you to call in to a previously setup conference with an i.d. #.
 The number is 800-232-1234.  An op will answer and ask how they can help you just tell them
 you want to setup a conference and answer the questions.  After a battery of questions the 
 op will give you an access # for call-ins and a security code.  This is the # you give to 
 your friends to call and make sure you tell them the right time.  I was also told that that
 a dial-in conference call can be billed to an atnt calling card.  Now that leaves it open
 to a lot of possibilities for exploitation.  Not that I would ever exploit any long distance
 service or anything. ;)


 o p e r a t i o n s 

 When you call this you'll hear two beeps followed by the alliance prompt "alliance telecon-
 ferencing"  then it will give you VERY EASY to follow directions on how to use the 
 conferencing service. If you cant figure out how to use it with these instructions then put 
 the phone down and step away from the general area, assume a yoga position and meditate 
 repeating the words " i am a retardo " and if after sometime you have not had an amazing 
 revelation then please do everyone a favor and go kill yourself. That is all there is to 
 Alliance.  Now if you want to be a dumbass go ahead and use it on your own line but
 I highly reccomend this for beigebox field trips to the suburbs. I've  heard of pbx users 
 connecting but remember Alliance is very picky about who it lets call in.  One the main
 problems is the 0 at the beginning.  Calling card services interpret it as an op call and
 you have to have the zero or its a no connect. I have tried with mci cards, atnt cards, two 
 pbx's, voicenet, and telecom out of st. louis with no avail but it dials up great from most
 lines.  GTE runs the show around here and compared to SWB thier a midget and most of thier
 lines will dial up 0-700's no problem.


 The possibilties for use of this system are unending.  Billing is hard to track because 
 not everyone uses atnt for long distance and when you call it up on a GTE line whos long
 distance is MCI then you have a nice little bermuda triangle for the bill to get lost in,
 and even if it does get billed once the owner of the line disputes the bill then there's
 gonna be an even bigger headache to figure who is gonna get the shaft and eventually the 
 calls will be lost in a paper trail. Just incase anybody feels like firing up a mass 
 teleconference and having a meeting of the minds send mail to :
                        << >> 




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