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Agilent/AT&T Extender Manipulation

From Sat Jun 30 22:24:37 2001
Newsgroups: alt.phreaking
Subject: [Text phile] Agilent Technologies extender service
From: (Darkmindsthink)
Date: 01 Jul 2001 05:24:37 GMT

Agilent Technologies Calling Card
Information Wallet Guide, OR,
how to manipulate an Agilent / AT&T extender.

|    SECTION A     |

TELNET Plus Card

The TELNET Plus Card allows Agilent employees to place
telephone calls to any location connected to Agilent's 
TELNET network and to make calls from the U.S. and 
Canada to all U.S. and Canada public telephone numbers.
It is intended to be used by those employees who need
to place business calls while traveling or away from
the office.

This guide is intended to provide additional information
reguarding the use and operation of the TELNET Plus Card.
Instructions on how to place calls are printed on the back
of the calling card [See Section B].

Dialing Hints
------- -----

Placing Sequential Calls ("0+" and "1-800" dialing options)

To Place additional calls after you've completed a call without
having to re-enter your authorization code, press the "#" key on
your telephone after the other party has disconnected.
DO NOT HANG UP. After pressing the "#" key, you will be prompted
to enter the next telephone number. NOTE: You may need to wait 
several seconds after the other party has disconnected before you
press the "#" key.

Reducing Call Set-up Time ("1-800" dialing option only)

You can significantly reduce the time that it takes to set up
your call by pressing the "#" key on your telephone immediately
after you have entered the telephone number that you are dialing.
You canfurther reduce the call setup time by pressing the "#" key
again after you have entered your authorization code.

Forced Disconnects ("1-800" diailing option only)

If you call an automated voice processing system such as voice
mail and are unable to disconnect using the prompts given by the
system, you can press "**9" after you've finished your call to
force a disconnect and allow you to place another call.

Correcting Dialing Errors ("1-800" diailing option only)

To correct errors that you have made while entering your
card number or the number you are dialing, press the "*" key
on your telephone. Re-enter the correct number after the tone
and complete your dialing as normal.

[ Lame how-to-dial-a-hotel-phone omitted ].

"0+" Dialing Option (use only when "1-800" option is not available)

The "0+" option allows you to place non-TELNET calls only. 
Since the "1-800" dialing option is significantly cheaper than
the "+0" option, you should use the "1-800" option whenever possible.
However, if the "1-800" option is unavailable, calls may be placed
in the following manner:
      • Dial "0" OR "10+10288+0" followed by the
        U.S. public telephone number of the person
        you are calling, and wait for the tone.

      • Enter your 14-digit Agilent calling card number
        (Or slide your card through the magnetic strip reader).

When using a rotary dial phone, follow the instructions given above and
wait for operator assistance after you have dialed the number of the
person that you wish to call.

Agilent Calling Card Policy
------- ------- ---- ------

Agilent calling cards are to be used for business only,
and should be distributed only to those employees who have
a business need. While occasional personal calls are acceptable
when traveling, they should be minimized and kept to short
duration.  Abuse of these priviledges can be very serious ans
corrective action will be taken as appropriate (up to and
including termination of employment) [ooh...].

Card Limitations
---- -----------
The TELNET Plus Card is not designed to provide non-TELNET
international calling capabilities. If you need these capabilities,
pleae contact the Agilent helpdesk at the number indicated on
the back of your card. [See Section B].

Accessing Your Voice Mailbox and Sending Messages to Other Employees

To access your voice mailbox, use the "1-800" dialing option
and place a call to the 7-digit TELNET number associated with
your voicemail system. Sending voice mail messages from your
mailbox can be very useful to employees using the Agilent
single call to your voice mailbox, and send messages from there.
It also has the added benefit of allowing the recipient to reply
with a single command. 


Use the "Send Message" command after sigining on to your
voice mailbox.
Record your message, then press "#".
Enter one of the following:
   Recipient's voice mailbox number, or
   Recipient's 7-digit TELNET number, or
   address with "Spell Name" feature.
   Press "#" to send the message.

Agilent Calling Card Assistance / Information

If you have any questions, problems, or need information
reguarding the operation of the Agilent calling card,
please contact the Agilent helpdesk at the following numbers:

       800 - 345 - 2512 OR 408 - 553 - 3000 (TELNET 553-3000).

When calling this number, you may be prompted by an automatic
voice system to select the service that you need.
Please press the appropriate key indicated for calling card

|    SECTION B     |

Agilent Technologies Information Technology TELNET PLUS

Calling card pin format:


Note pins are permanent and do not expire.
To cancel lost or stolen cards call 
800-822-2273 or call collect 317-633-5035.

Dialing instructions for touch tone phones:
Dial 800-435-3099 USA / Canada
Dial AT&T Direct, then 14321 [Rest of the World]

Then wait for the tone, then for:
TELNET:        Enter 7 digit TELNET number
US & Canada:   Enter 10 digit USA/Canada public telephone number

After tone, enter 14 digit Agilent calling card number.
This card provides access to 7-digit TELNET numbers
worldwide and public network numbers within US and Canada.
Non-TELNET calls to international locations cannot be placed.
Please refer to your Agilent Calling Card wallet guide [Or Section A]
or contact the Agilent helpdesk at 800-345-2512 or 408-553-3000.

Powered by AT&T.


File transcribed by Oozle.
Taken verbatim except pieces of Section B and a tutorial
on dialing a hotel telephone.

No disclaimer, just fuck Agilent up.

Friday, March 12, 2001


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