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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: 9x_888.txt

How to setup toll free #'s

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	      For work, Home, or your favorite 911 backdoor
		   Written by Substance sometime in 96

    Simple way to get an 888 (toll free) number setup to any valid number


    I know there was a file already written on getting 800's by Tesla. This
isnt a hell of a lot different, just somewhat easier.

	888's are the new toll free numbers for 1996.  And since it is a new
exchange, there is a HUGE number of 888 #'s available.  If you would like
to get an 888 ringing on any number follow these few easy steps and if you
do it right, you'll either A) Get the new 888 # on the phone B) Have to wait
a few days (if the ladies a bitch).

    Now I cant gaurante that these are going to be risk free. But from my
expierences with ATnT, they will never really investigate it.  I had an 800
ringing in on my home voice line for over 4 months, and after it went down,
I never heard a thing from ATnT.  Also, if you are setting a toll free
number up to a free internet provider, or a LD BBS, then no one is going to
know you did it anyway.  Just dont tell the sysop unless you know he wont
bug out.

	If you set your 888 up and sound believable to the op, chances are,
your new 888 number will last more then 2 months.  If you give it to alot
of people, and the 888 is in use all the time, expect it to go down within
the week. A few times ive taken over a VMB system, setup tons of boxes (for
fellow hp ppl) then setup a 888 to the local VMB number.  Then i give
every hp person im friends with a box.  But they usually only last a week
or 2.  Its not advisible.  Also 888's to Defcon, and 911
backdoors last a VERY short period of time.  Dont even waste your time.

How to set them up:

	To get the 888 number setup you'll need the following information 1st:
		(hint: its a good idea to get a valid company name, address and zip
			   when you are setting them up.  If the company is big enough
			   they might just pay the 888 bill and not notice :)

			1) Valid Company Name
			2) Your fake name
			3) Valid Company Address (Street Address, City, ST, Zip)
			4) The number you want the 888 to ring in on
	    5) (sometimes) a VMB to leave you a msg at

    Call up (800)222-0400, wait to hear the "Welcome to ATnT msg"

	  Hit 1 then 3

    It is a good idea to setup toll free #'s Monday morning, you will get
quickest setup time.  When the op comes on (sometimes you'll have to wait a
few minz) Tell her you want a READYLINE 888. Say you know all about it, (to
avoid the prices bullshit).  Say you need it expidieted.  (Which means do
it on the double)  Give her the company name, your fake name, address,
city/st/zip.  She'll say hang on,  ill try and get you a number.  When she
returns, she will either say

1> "Here is your new 888 number Joe Blow"
2> "Our systems are down now, can i call you back with your # later?"

If she says 1 then your in luck, ask her when it will be up. Say thanx and

If she says 2 say 'Yes no problem, but i am out of town at the
moment" Give her your VMB # (and box #) tell her she can call you there.
(To leave a msg on your VMB you have to explain exactly how to leave a msg,
dont just say 516-334-3421 box 28, say  516-334-3421 hit # then 28 #.)

It is a good idea to ask what her name, # and extn is (for further abuse,
or incase the 888 doesnt go up for some reason).

			     its az ez az that

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