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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: 991.txt

The Unholy 991!

From Wed Aug 09 13:55:06 2000
Newsgroups: alt.phreaking
Subject: Unholy 991
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 20:55:06 GMT

OK, I'm posting this just for the sake of posting, and maybe getting
some responses. OK, so I'm on vacation, up in Ridgefield, CT. It's a
pretty small town, not much to do. I was walking around when I realized
that I didn't know the ringback or ANAC for the 203 NPA. So I walked up
to an SNET payphone and just started messing around. Well, I did find
the ANAC (which by the way is 970), but I also found something strange.
While trying to discover the ringback, I dialed 991-xxxx, the xxxx's
obviously being the last four digits of the payphone I was using. That
didn't work, and I got a recording saying "The number you've dialed is
incomplete...", so, possesing the problem solving capabilities of a
human being, I though to myself "Hmm, incomplete? Well, maybe I should
try the whole telephone number instead.". OK, so I didn't say it like
that, but you get it. Well, that didn't exactly work either. Instead,
after dialing 991-438-9076, the phone just shut off. I hung up, picked
it back up, but still no dialtone. Nothing. It was as if the phone
weren't even getting any electricity. Now my guess is that linemen
would use this to shut off a line they are about to work on, but I
still haven't found out how to turn the line back on. Oh well. And now,
a humorous story. This is something my friend Brisk did a few days ago,
but you can do it too, it's quite amusing if the operator knows what a
Red Box is. BTW, this works best on major TelCo operators, not long
distance ops.:
Operator: That will be 35 cents, please.

Brisk: Um, I left my Red Box at home, can you just connect me please?

Op: (giggle) No, I'm sorry, please deposit 35 cents.

Brisk: OK, hold on...

Brisk: (shakes change against mouthpeice) There, there's 35 cents!

Op: (some more giggling) Sir, I didn't hear any money go in.

Brisk: OK, OK, here...

Brisk: (doing best Red Box impression) Doot-doot-doot-doot-doot!

Op: (Laughing, hangs up).
Uh, there, wasn't that 'humorous'? Well that's it. I think this has
been my largest post ever. Yup. OK. Bye now!

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